Norilsk – The Idea of North

September 27, 2016 0

8/10 To all things, there is a season. As the sweltering oppression of summer gives way to the Pumpkin-Spiced fuckery of autumn, Canadians know that little time remains before their existence is plunged into near perpetual […]


Id Iota – Maudlin Fair EP

September 26, 2016 0

8.5/10  I’m a complete sucker for an underdog band; think acts like The Replacements, Big Star, or The Kinks. I’d rather binge on them than big shots like Muse, U2, or hell, even The Beatles. […]


Now And Then – Quick Stops and Pick Me Ups

September 23, 2016 0

6.5/10 Now And Then is a pop-punk outfit from Shelbyville, IN, that sounds like a mix of easy-core pioneers New Found Glory and A Day To Remember, their metalcore counterpart. Fall Out Boy sneaks into the […]


Featured Artists

Featured Artist

Featured Artist: Guidestones

September 1, 2016 0

Known for infusing alternative and indie rock with country and pop, the spunky, up-and-coming quartet known as Guidestones are making a serious name for themselves across the Montreal scene and abroad. Perhaps because of this, […]

the damn truth
Featured Artist

Featured Artist: The Damn Truth

August 1, 2016 0

There’s a new rock n’ roll smell powerfully breezing through the Montreal airwaves and it’s not just the typical stale booze, body odour, and butt stinkin’ kind. The Damn Truth’s funk is so strong that […]

Featured Artist

Featured Artist: Hitman

July 1, 2016 0

Howdy, partners. I reckon you may be unwise to the goings on in these parts: there’s a Hitman on the loose. Hailing from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia (and, by proxy, Halifax), Hitman are a four-piece powerhouse, […]


Slaves on Dope & Guests – Feb. 5th, 2016 – Montreal, QC

Bucketlist Meets up with Slaves on Dope!

September 13, 2016 0

The Bucketheads sat down with Jason Rockman of Slaves on Dope to discuss upcoming album Horse set to be released October 7th. The album features Darryl DMC McDaniels from Run DMC, William Kelliher from Mastodon , HR […]


An Interview with Guttermouth

July 11, 2016 0

Out of the countless bands that have found success in the eighties and nineties California punk scene, very few have been able to maintain relevance as well as Guttermouth. Having recently played the main stage […]

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