Thinking Through Myths - Ortus Planetae

Thinking Through Myths – Ortus Planetae

July 1, 2016 0

4.6/10 Gyorgy Henyei Neto is a Brazilian-born Hungarian living in Aberdeen in the UK. He creates instrumental music as Thinking Through Myths, and has recently put out Ortus Planetae (latin for Sunrise Planet), an album […]

Speedracer- Deadly Breed

Speedracer – Deadly Breed

June 30, 2016 0

6/10 Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, Speedracer (presumably inspired by the manga/anime series of the same name) are a rock band in the same vein as bands like Queens of the Stone Age, Stone Temple Pilots, […]


Sleeping Field – Sleeping Field

June 29, 2016 0

8/10 Based out of Montreal, Sleeping Field just released their self-titled debut EP. It’s hard to pinpoint Sleeping Field to a certain genre, but a mix of hardcore, emo, and post-rock all come to mind […]


Featured Artists

Featured Artist

Featured Artist: Hitman

July 1, 2016 0

Howdy, partners. I reckon you may be unwise to the goings on in these parts: there’s a Hitman on the loose. Hailing from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia (and, by proxy, Halifax), Hitman are a four-piece powerhouse, […]

Featured Artist

Featured Artist: The Horny Bitches

June 1, 2016 0

It’s hard to know what exactly to expect from a band who calls themselves The Horny Bitches, but if you guessed that they are a witty and raunchy four-piece female punk rock band with a […]

Featured Artist

Featured Artist:  The Dreadnoughts

May 1, 2016 1

There remains, at least to this writer’s knowledge, only one place in this world that one can go to witness a grown man in a full bunny suit hit Timbits into a crowd of people […]


_IMG9697 copy

Bucketlist Meets up with Kevin of Dead Quiet

June 17, 2016 0

Buckethead Richard Brunette had a chance to sit down with Kevin Keegan of Vancouver’s doom/sludge band Dead Quiet before catching their show held at Turbohaus in Montreal on June 12th. Header photo by Nathan Hum


Interview with Ben Savage of Whitechapel

June 7, 2016 0

Whitechapel is one of the bands that got me into this new wave of metal. After being around for ten years, they’ve defined the deathcore genre, and have proved to remain innovative among the metal […]

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