The Velveteins Release Super 8 Video For “Strange Side of Street”

The Velveteins have released a new video for “Strange Side of Street.” Watch the super 8 video below.

The Velveteins are a rock n’ roll band from Edmonton, Canada, who consist of Spencer Morphy (vocals / guitar), Addison Hillier (percussion) and Dean Kheroufi (bass). Their new Slow Wave album is a tidily slacker nine-track distillation of cosmic vibes, indie rock tunes and glammed-up spirit epitomized by single “Midnight Surf,” where dreamy melodies pop up from all angles and creamy guitar solos sink like polished stones. Better still, the video for “Strange Side of Street” was shot on their last summer tour on a Super 8 camera they brought along with them, which you can see here. The record’s debut single “Don’t Yah Feel Better” from their album has garnered attention from Noisey among others and has been streamed over 100,000 times so far.

The Velveteins fell into shape in the summer of 2014 after the singer Spencer’s return from quality time spent vagabonding around Australia – and believe you us, this is very much a band made to go vagabonding. The A Hot Second With The Velveteins EP set out their rackety indie rock stall last year, and at the end of 2016 they dropped the “Don’t Yah Feel Better” track to set the Soft Wave debut album bells ringing with its punchy twangs and lurid lip-synch-tastic video.

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