3 Doors Down with The Falling – Live at Metropolis – March 11th, 2016 – Montreal, Quebec

I thought spring had finally arrived in Montreal, QC after a week of mild weather, but damn was I ever wrong. The weekend was marred with below 30 degrees frigid cold. Most people stayed tucked in, but I decided to make my way to Metropolis on Sunday night to take in a rock show featuring American rockers 3 Doors Down.

The Falling

The show started at 8pm on the dot with Montreal’s The Falling. These guys hit the stage and were tasked with getting the already packed venue warmed up for the headliner. They played an eight-song set including a cover of Imagine Dragons “Here Me.” Walking through the crowd, I noticed a lot of bland faces, and people were buried into their smartphones with a general lack of attention. I have to say I didn’t particularly like them. I thought their set lacked emotion, creativity, and that special something. They were very generic, and I just couldn’t relate to their music. The Falling is struggling with their identity and trying too hard to imitate successful bands in their genre like U2 and Imagine Dragons. They need to work on their originality and collective cohesion. The vocals and the music were just not on the same page that night. Also, how many times do have to say, “we are in Montreal?” We kind of know, concentrate on playing with less talk. They have talented musicians and a good singer so, if ever they can find that magic, they may be able to headline a show like this down the road.

3 Doors Down

The stage curtains were pulled shut during the set changeover with a projection of the band’s logo. The audience was ready for the Mississippi rockers 3 Doors Down. At 9pm sharp Brad Arnold and his crew took to the stage as the curtain fell to reveal… wait for it… a drum kit, and a white backdrop with two trees projected on it. So, was the big reveal needed? Probably not, but, as the first note of “Stay Alive” from their last album Us and The Night played, you knew you were in for a treat. They continued with “Not My Time” and “Time of My Life” to the crowd’s delight. These guys still have it after 20 plus years of touring; their energy on stage adds that element that makes a live show so entertaining.

They played a solid set of seventeen songs including a three-song encore. I was a bit disappointed in the length of the show as they only played for one hour and fifteen minutes. That said, the last five songs were why the patrons had paid to see the show. They were rewarded with hits “Better Life,” “Kryptonite,” “Here Without You,” “Loser,” and “When I’m Gone.” I liked the special touches throughout, like the use of the projector either showing a clip, a logo, or just adding a piece of kryptonite that would have scared away Superman. Just before the last song, they dedicated it to the men and women of the military, as they do for every show, but with a special touch for us, Canadians: a big Canadian Flag with their logo embedded. I am happy to see that 3 Doors Down still got it!

Written by Eric Brisson
Photography by Stacy Basque
*edited by Danielle Kenedy

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Eric is a professional photographer, enamored by the thrill of catching special moments at live shows and sports games. Following those moments from New Brunswick to Montreal, he’s been in the city since 2001, enjoying the finer things in life like rooting for the Canadiens and trying out new restaurants (and the house beers they offer). When he’s not washing down the culturally-palatable Montreal with a good dark ale, you can find him rocking out to the latest metal and alternative bands or sitting around at home stewing over Breaking Bad (which is sorely misses). Most recently, Eric had his personal dream come true by finishing a tour of every Major League Baseball park. Eric Brisson Photography

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