Alter Bridge with Nonpoint and Weapons of Anew – Live At Metropolis – February 3rd, 2017 – Montreal, QC

Weapons of Anew

Montreal is a beautifully cultured city that snags hundreds upon thousands of amazing acts yearly. Every so often, however, one can slip through the cracks for some amazing reason, such as a promoter saying, “We don’t know if they’ll draw.” This past Friday at Metropolis, a solidly filled room was able to answer that question for Alter Bridge. Here’s how it all went down:

Opening up the night was NuMetal four-piece Weapons of Anew. An A for effort was most definitely earned by this act, but marks on every other level would have been pretty goddamn poor, if you ask me. Guitar work was solid and squiggly, but the sound was poorly mixed (specifically noting the drums, as every tom fill sounded like a microphone was going to pop) and the compositions did absolutely nothing for me. However, if you love some cheesy NuMetal and frontmen in track pants, then by all means, WOA is definitely for you.

Following up was yet another NuMetal act for some god awful reason. Coming out of Chicago, IL, Nonpoint hit the stage hard and then made quick work of making the vibe as weird as possible. I’ll never understand why or how NuMetal bands have this incredible knack of dropping shitty innuendos for absolutely no reason, but apparently that might end up being my calling in life. The overall sound definitely stepped up a notch, but the compositions of the songs and the in-between rambles had me begging for a headliner before the end of the third tune. If nothing else, drummer Rob Rivera has some serious chops and looks like hes having an awesome time doing it.

Alter Bridge

Finally, the moment a very full (but not quite sold-out) Metropolis had been waiting for: the mighty Alter Bridge took their very first headlining breath on a Montreal stage. For those who don’t know, Alter Bridge was born from the ashes of 90s post-grunge act Creed, only now they are much better, and feature a world-class frontman at the helm in the form of Myles Kennedy. “Holy fuck!” doesn’t begin to describe the prowess of this man. Conditions were absolutely perfect by the time they threw the first punch. It was only after “Addicted to Pain” had absolutely face fucked you that it was announced that Master Kennedy was actually sick. (Could have fuckin’ fooled me!) That being said, skimping on the last verse of that song to let that monstrous riff play out was not something I could complain about.  Another beautiful point to be made is the fact that this is one of the few remaining acts that gives not a single fuck for the theatrics, and every possible remaining fuck about the performance. They had simple lighting and killer tunes for days. The only sad note was that with Kennedy being under the weather, the crowd was then deprived of his amazing performance of “Watch Over You.” Other than that, you need to see Alter Bridge when the promoters undoubtedly wanna milk this cash cow again.

Written by Jason Greenberg
Photography by Danny Donovan
*edited by Kate Erickson

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