American Caskets – Self-Titled EP


Long Island New Yorkers American Caskets released their self-titled EP on May 29th, 2017. It offers a melodic feel to the typical heavy metal, screamo sound, often putting a hardcore spin on progressive metal. Without making American Caskets sound too weak, these guys put a twist on the conventional aggression of metalcore, and smoothed out the edges a little bit, rendering the sound a little less face-punching and a little more uplifting.

Though similar to Slipknot and Mudvayne in regards to the pissed-off elements that screamo music often unleashes, on this release there are several instances of soft solo breakdowns and melodic instrumentation.

The EP catches you off guard due to its easy-listening instrumental elements, until the screamo ingredient comes in. For non-screamo lovers, if you can get past not being able to discern and make out lyrical content and appreciate the solid double-kick drums and guitar licks, then it all sounds pretty clean. There are definitely instances of instrumental breakdowns and solos, as most screamo rock includes in its compositions, so if you’re pissed off with your mom for not doing your laundry, this kind of music will probably allow for some emotional release.

Each song pretty much starts off sounding like a hard pop-punk song, along the lines of Seaway, Four Year Strong or State Champs, until the vocals eventually kick in. The tracks eventually become much more intrusive and ear pounding, perhaps making some wussy pop-punkers uneasy and nervous.

The recording quality is pretty solid. At times the drums sound synthetic, but maybe drummer Joey Daconto is so tight that the double-kick just naturally sounds full and robotic. This statement obviously compliments Daconto’s skills as well as the work put in by the producers to make the EP sound thick, heavy, and on-point.

With contrast between melodic, feel-good instrumentation and heavy impact screamo vocal melodies, this EP will provide fuel to get listeners to release their frustrations, while simultaneously calming them down with the melodic tones and vibes.

Written by Keenan Kerr
Edited by Lia Davis

About Keenan Kerr 53 Articles
At a young age, Keenan Kerr was corrupted by kick-ass and heavy-hitting rock bands like Guns N’ Roses and Black Sabbath. His first attended concert was at 11 years old and it was to see his idol Ozzy Osbourne. This caused a few issues with the mother of young Keenan’s best friend who refused that the boys continue hanging out together. Keenan started playing guitar at 14 and picked up a few other instruments along the way. For years, he focused on playing and writing mostly hard rock music until his inner 8 year old rediscovered his love for deliciously cheesy pop punk music. In fact, Keenan currently plays in the deliciously cheesy pop punk rock band Summerled which he spends his days writing music for - except for when he’s doing other things, in which case, not doing what he just said he spends his days doing.

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