Morgan Barrie – Fall

April 12, 2018 Aaron Deck 0

6.1/10 I’ve always found the singer/songwriter genre very polarizing. It seems they’ll either produce something so amazing, something so profound that you find yourself pantsless and screaming at the moon over their sheer brilliance after […]

Your Man Alex Smith - Guilty

Your Man Alex Smith – Guilty

March 1, 2018 Aaron Deck 0

6.7/10 Wow. It was extremely difficult for me to come up with a definitive rating for this album by Your Man Alex Smith. I struggled with my conscience and morals, lost sleep and hair, and […]

Life On Fire - New Device

Life On Fire – New Device

February 14, 2018 Aaron Deck 0

5/10 New Wave is back baby. Or it never went away. I can never tell, not with today’s ever-shifting sonic landscape. People take their favourite bits and pieces from times of yore and intersperse them […]


The Begowatts – Grand Charade

February 9, 2018 Aaron Deck 0

5/10 If I say that an album is quintessentially indie, you’re gonna know exactly the type of album you’re in for. Grand Charade from The Begowatts is quintessentially indie, for better or for worse. Sadly, […]


Joseph and Maia – Fear

January 23, 2018 Aaron Deck 0

8.8/10 As soon as I popped this album, Fear by Joseph and Maia, onto my playlist and began listening to it, I was immediately transported back to a simpler time in my life. When I […]