Madball - For The Cause

Madball – For the Cause

June 14, 2018 Jason Greenberg 0

 8/10 “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” is a sentiment that is constantly lost on a lot of bands. The never-ending pursuit of the perfect sound is a plague that has made and broken […]


Dogmathica – Start Becoming Nothing

May 18, 2018 Jason Greenberg 0

8.5/10 Internet, meet Dogmathica, Dogmathica, meet my loins and all this bothersome heat you’ve created. Hailing from Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy, this five-piece meal of mean mother fucking metal come to your face today to bring […]


Agnesis – In Places We Keep

March 26, 2018 Jason Greenberg 0

5/10 In the mystical, magical land of Perth, Australia lives a progressive rock/metal act by the name of Agnesis. For fans of more symphonically charged progressive music, like that of the mighty Opeth, both the […]