Kalamata – Disruption

March 15, 2017 Jordan Hodgins 0

9.5/10 Kalamata is a stoner rock psych outfit based in Hildesheim. Featuring Peter Jaun (guitar), Maik Blümke (bass), and Olly Opitz (drums), the German trio released their second album Disruption on March 1st, as a […]


Jackknife Seizure – Starfisher

February 28, 2017 Jordan Hodgins 0

8/10 Jackknife Seizure is a heavy, grunge-rock quartet hailing from a small town across the pond called London. Released on January 16th, 2017, their mini-album Starfisher is a great gift to those whose favourite music […]


Hashed Out – Cosmic Pessimism

February 13, 2017 Jordan Hodgins 0

6/10 Hashed Out is a hardcore, nihilistic-doom punk band out of Montreal. Founded in 2013, the band consists of Balloo, Tay, Keegan, Mean Jean, and Alex. Their first full-length album Cosmic Pessimism, which was released […]


Orchards – Pilot EP

January 14, 2017 Jordan Hodgins 0

6/10 Montreal based Canadiana quartet Orchards, recently launched their debut Pilot EP in December of 2016. Comprised of members Kaitlin Smith, Rob Malo, and Jean-Michel Chartier, the band comes together to invoke a bluegrass-folk-pop feel […]


Arcade Messiah – III

December 18, 2016 Jordan Hodgins 0

8/10 Arcade Messiah is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and producer John Bassett. III is the third album under this moniker, but you may have also heard of Bassett by way of his self-titled project, […]