About Jordan Hodgins
Jordan, in an attempt to avoid an overly-romantic bio, has chosen to stick to the cold, hard facts about her life. She has been reading ever since she can remember, but didn't decide to try her hand at writing (heh heh) until she had no other choice while attending university. Jordan has always been an incredibly passionate person, and for her, writing and music provided the perfectly blended outlet to keep her relatively out of trouble. Jordan's heart lies with the kind of old-school blues and gospel that gave rise to and inspired Elvis; she enjoys anything with soul, or has the ability to unite an eclectic crowd according to (in)tangible ties. Jordan's goal in writing for Bucketlist is to organize her intuition in a way that makes sense enough to which at least one person will relate. Enjoy!

Hashed Out – Cosmic Pessimism

February 13, 2017 Jordan Hodgins 0

6/10 Hashed Out is a hardcore, nihilistic-doom punk band out of Montreal. Founded in 2013, the band consists of Balloo, Tay, Keegan, Mean Jean, and Alex. Their first full-length album Cosmic Pessimism, which was released […]


Orchards – Pilot EP

January 14, 2017 Jordan Hodgins 0

6/10 Montreal based Canadiana quartet Orchards, recently launched their debut Pilot EP in December of 2016. Comprised of members Kaitlin Smith, Rob Malo, and Jean-Michel Chartier, the band comes together to invoke a bluegrass-folk-pop feel […]


Arcade Messiah – III

December 18, 2016 Jordan Hodgins 0

8/10 Arcade Messiah is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and producer John Bassett. III is the third album under this moniker, but you may have also heard of Bassett by way of his self-titled project, […]


Diamond Tree – The Will to Evolve

November 23, 2016 Jordan Hodgins 0

5.5/10 A four-piece alt-rock act based in Montreal, Diamond Tree experiments with modern pop-rock influences to shape their own unique sound. Comprised of Dave Tone on vocals and guitar, Guillaume Lavigne on drums, Marc-Antoine Guay-Rochon […]


VAyL – Eclipse The Sun EP

November 3, 2016 Jordan Hodgins 0

9/10 Since I first discovered, and subsequently fell in love with, the California desert scene of the late 80s, I tend to associate or compare most music of the stoner rock and metal realm with […]

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