May 24, 2017 Jordan Hodgins 0

7.5/10 The more music I listen to, the more it seems as if European and Scandinavian artists have taken it upon themselves to seriously raise the stoner rock bar. Poland’s THE SKY IS are no […]


Mellowtone – Broken Rooms

April 26, 2017 Jordan Hodgins 0

9/10 Mellowtone are a ‘trip-hop’ band founded in 2008 from Fribourg, Switzerland, a district that sits on the cultural divide between the French and German areas of the country. Like ‘trip-hop’ pioneers, Massive Attack, Mellowtone’s […]


Ninjaspy – Spüken

April 24, 2017 Jordan Hodgins 0

9/10 Ninjaspy is the trio of Parent brothers Joel, Tim, and Adam AKA The Triad of Blood. Formed in Port Coquitlam, BC and based out of Vancouver, BC, the three blend their wide array of […]


Cuecliché – One Last Chance

April 12, 2017 Jordan Hodgins 0

5/10 Based in London, UK, the pop-punk trio Cuecliché owe their composition to a series of online advertisements that eventually connected three folks who share a love of music and a refusal to grow up. […]