meh — Mindless Empty Hardcore

January 17, 2018 Justin Bruce 0

6/10 Mindless Empty Hardcore is the debut EP by Montreal hardcore punks meh. Featuring current and former members of more bands than I can keep track of, meh bring snippets of grind, thrash, and hardcore […]


S U R V I V E – RR7387

December 15, 2017 Justin Bruce 0

9/10 RR7387 (catchy title) is the newest EP from Texas-based electronic band, S U R V I V E. It is made up of remixes of four songs from the band’s 2016 full-length RR7439. If […]

Shock Octopus - roam in silence

Shock Octopus – Roam in Silence

November 30, 2017 Justin Bruce 0

6/10 Shock Octopus is an Australian alt-rock duo who, according to their Facebook page, have been described as “Nirvana meets the Rocky Horror Picture Show.” Okay, I’ll bite. The band’s latest EP, roam in silence, […]

Scanner - Under teh Devil's Tail

Scanner – Under the Devil’s Tail

November 24, 2017 Justin Bruce 0

2/10 Under the Devil’s Tail is the newest EP by Pennsylvania hard rock band Scanner and unfortunately I can’t stand it. The group, first formed in 1979, brings another old-school punk effort with horror rock […]



November 10, 2017 Justin Bruce 0

7/10 LP1 is the debut by Montreal punks PRIORS. With the combination of garage rock, hardcore instrumentals, and snotty, half-yelled, half-sung vocals, LP1 is likely to please fans of The Blood Brothers, Swain, and Single […]