Combe - From the Beginning

Combe – From the Beginning

July 13, 2018 Justin Bruce 0

5/10 Combe is the musical outlet for Oregon indie rocker Matt Combe. From the Beginning is Combe’s third release and consists of just three kinda indie, kinda folky, kinda soulful tracks. I hear it like […]


senzafine – Lost Apes

July 10, 2018 Justin Bruce 0

9/10 senzafine is a Montreal, QC based instrumental rock band here with their third album, Lost Apes. This three-piece brings elements of progressive and post-rock together to create a truly cohesive and, at times, theatrical […]

Strung Out - Black Out The Sky

Strung Out – Black Out the Sky

June 27, 2018 Justin Bruce 0

7/10 Few word combinations make me cringe more than “acoustic punk.” I’ve heard more poorly sung four-chord acoustic ballads than any one fella should in their lifetime so when I found out I would be […]


Dead Cross – Dead Cross EP

June 8, 2018 Justin Bruce 0

8/10 Dead Cross is the only supergroup that I’ve ever really been excited for. The combined musical output of Mike Patton (Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Tomahawk, etc.) and Justin Pearson (The Locust, Retox, etc.) […]


The Kindest People – Idle Revival

May 28, 2018 Justin Bruce 0

8/10 The Kindest People are a Tennessee alternative rock band and their 2017 full length, Idle Revival is a really interesting listen. The band describes themselves as stylish indie with a garage rock attitude, but […]


The Lost End – Self Titled

May 9, 2018 Justin Bruce 0

5/10 Oh, to be young and goth again. The Lost End are an Oklahoma post-punk band who just released their self-titled album this in February 2018. The album is seven tracks of dark vocals, melodic […]