Kekal - Deeper Underground

Kekal – Deeper Underground

July 4, 2018 Max Morin 0

6.5/10 Deeper Underground is almost certainly not where Kekal should be going. After labouring away at their craft in Indonesia since 1995, releasing fourteen LPs and EPs along the way, the synth metallers deserve nothing […]


Homesafe – One

June 29, 2018 Max Morin 0

7/10 Pop-punk has come a long way from its frosted-tipped heyday in the mid-2000s. The genre has suffered from the same kind of glut as hair metal or grunge went through, as wave after wave […]

Heron - A Low Winter's Sun

Heron – A Low Winter Sun

June 28, 2018 Max Morin 0

7/10 BWOooooOOOoooooOOOMMMMMMMM…. Did you like what you just read? Odds are, you’ll like Heron. Maybe like is the wrong word. These Vancouverites pedal the kind of doom metal that doesn’t just envelop, it crushes you, […]

NIF - Above the Sky

NIF – Above The Sky

June 15, 2018 Max Morin 1

8.5/10 The fact that Above The Sky exists at all is pretty impressive. Recorded over the course of a year in Kediri, Indonesia by Faishal Hanif, it has already surpassed one of its biggest hurdles by […]

Lycanthro - Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Lycanthro – Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

June 12, 2018 Max Morin 0

 6/10  Lycanthro plays Heavy Metal. No amount of writing, critiquing, grand descriptions, or technical minutia will ever come close to describing Lycanthro as well as those two little words: Heavy Metal. It’s heartening to see […]


The Gays – The Agenda

May 10, 2018 Max Morin 0

5/10 The Gays are a Montreal band. That about covers it. The city’s Euro-Western electro-music vibe is felt in every second of this record. The closest comparison I could come up with was Death From […]

Godsmack-When Legends Rise

Godsmack – When Legends Rise

May 7, 2018 Max Morin 0

7/10 Ahhhhh, Godsmack. For one brief, brilliant second at the turn of the millennium, the Massachusetts quartet seemed poised to become the next Metallica. Then, tragically, tastes changed. The nu metal craze ended. Godsmack never […]