Epica – The Holographic Principle

September 17, 2016 Paul Ablaze 0

9/10 In the power metal realm, the path to victory is treacherous and beset by fiery dragons and internet trolls alike, but few have traversed said path better than Epica. Many within the genre have […]


Busty And The Bass – Lift

September 5, 2016 Paul Ablaze 0

9/10 I was a little surprised to find Busty And The Bass’s new EP Lift in my inbox, seeing as I’m more of a “Metal Guy” here at Bucketlist. But one never looks a gift horse in […]


Despised Icon – BEAST

August 19, 2016 Paul Ablaze 0

9/10 So here it is! I knew it was coming, you knew it was coming; hell, your grandma knew it was coming, so she busted out all the sweet merch she bought on the Montreal […]


Beartooth – Aggressive

July 10, 2016 Paul Ablaze 0

9/10 I need to admit I’ve had a very strange relationship with Beartooth since discovering their existence in 2013. Beartooth is the post Attack! Attack! band of singer/songwriter Caleb Shomo. Now, I hated A.A, like […]