Rudhen – Imago Octopus

November 20, 2015 Paul Ablaze 0

6.5/10 Straight from the Spaghetti-soaked, Italian city of Crespano del Grappan comes Rudhen and their cephalopod mollusc inspired EP, Imago Octopus. The band describes themselves as stoner metal, and I could totally get super, turbo, […]


Six Speed Kill – Six Speed Kill

October 28, 2015 Paul Ablaze 0

8.5/10 We here at Bucketlist pride ourselves on the fact that we’ll work with just about any band under the sun, no matter what the genre, the look, or the drug habit. There are, however, […]


Horsebastard and Noisebazooka – Split 7” EP

October 23, 2015 Paul Ablaze 0

Horsebastard: 7.5/10 Noisebazooka: 5.5/10 I submit to you for your, maybe, overdue dose of rise and grind, the rousing split EP of Liverpool’s self-described equestrian blast-core band, Horsebastard, and Viennese ruthless, but horseless grindcore band, […]



September 28, 2015 Paul Ablaze 0

9/10 I like most human beings drifting on this spiralling rock through space, I love just about everything Swedish. Swedish Massages, their gorgeous women, (the love of) my burning hatred for Ikea, the puppet master […]


Heart and Harm – Damage

September 4, 2015 Paul Ablaze 0

7/10 I have no clue what’s being pumped into the water in Ontario these days (other than a plethora of drugs and micro-beads from body wash), but whatever it is it seems to be influencing […]