September 28, 2015 Paul Ablaze 0

9/10 I like most human beings drifting on this spiralling rock through space, I love just about everything Swedish. Swedish Massages, their gorgeous women, (the love of) my burning hatred for Ikea, the puppet master […]


Heart and Harm – Damage

September 4, 2015 Paul Ablaze 0

7/10 I have no clue what’s being pumped into the water in Ontario these days (other than a plethora of drugs and micro-beads from body wash), but whatever it is it seems to be influencing […]


Conversation – Fig. 2

August 20, 2015 Paul Ablaze 0

8/10 In late May this year, Toronto, Ontario melodic hard rock / punk (kinda) / hardcore (kinda) outfit Conversation bestowed upon the world their second in a series of E.P’s entitled Fig. 2. (Ha ha ha […]


Zombie Death Stench – Infected

July 20, 2015 Paul Ablaze 1

6.5/10 Infected is the 4th album from Central Valley, California Horror/Death metal collective Zombie Death Stench. This is my first time listening to ZDS, so I had little to no expectations going into this, using just the vague band […]