Colour Wheel – Self Titled

June 30, 2017 Shawn Thicke 0

4.5/10 Colour Wheel fell into the trap that I really hoped they avoided. On the Colour Wheel EP, they follow the exact same formula as their previous release to diminishing returns. Last year, Losing Streak […]


Michael Gaither – Hey Karma

June 15, 2017 Shawn Thicke 0

8/10 Not everyone gives a shit about lyrics. For some, they just don’t make or break a song. For example, my brother once believed that Lynyrd Skynyrd was singing “Sweet home, Dalai-Lama” and it didn’t […]


Colonel Sun – Suburban Invasion

May 31, 2017 Shawn Thicke 0

6/10 Colonel Sun‘s debut album Suburban Invasion is a throwback to a time when everyone wore flannel, tuned down their guitars, and shouted to the high heavens about internal torture or bratty indifference. Call it a […]


DDENT – آكتئاب

May 8, 2017 Shawn Thicke 0

6.5/10 Although it might not seem like it, I might be the perfect person to write a metal review. For starters, I have a way better chance at staying objective. Don’t get me wrong, I […]