Elevate the Virus - Derelict

Elevate the Virus – Derelict

September 17, 2018 Syd Ghan 0

9/10 Genre worship doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Sometimes a band so accurately nails a sound they’ve clearly grown up listening to that it ends up not only sounding as good as the […]


Coldbound – The Gale 

August 30, 2018 Syd Ghan 0

7.5/10 The thing about any melodic death metal record is that there is a formula to it, no matter how much purists will decry that statement as heresy. (The very fact that such “purists” exist […]


Innes Wilson – Northumberland Slums

August 2, 2018 Syd Ghan 0

5.5/10  The most immediately obvious thing about Innes Wilson’s latest release Northumberland Slums is that the production is wildly different from song to song. I don’t mean that there’s autotune on the voice on one […]


blondmoss – Gentle/Kind

July 20, 2018 Syd Ghan 0

8/10 blondmoss’ debut EP Gentle/Kind does indeed seem to be coming from a place of sincere gentleness and/or kindness. As arbitrary a statement as that sounds, hear me out; the predominant emotion that shines through […]

2Birds Band - String Groover

2Bird Band – String Groover

June 26, 2018 Syd Ghan 0

9.5/10 I have to admit that 2Birds Band’s latest release String Groover is not the type of record I ever thought I’d be reviewing in 2018. Not because I’m doubting the kids’ love for classical […]

Sevendust - All I See Is War

Sevendust – All I See is War

June 18, 2018 Syd Ghan 0

8.5/10 What’s most interesting about Sevendust’s latest release All I See is War is that it seems to be not only an acceptance of being pigeonholed into a style of music that became popular in […]