The Best of the West – A Short Interview With Bison

Nothing breaks down barriers like big riffs and heavy jams, and the boys from B.C. band Bison break those barriers beautifully. Bucketlist had the chance to grab a quick chat with James about their latest release, You Are Not the Ocean You Are the Patient.

Where does the title You Are Not the Ocean You Are the Patient come from? What does it mean!?

We have become arrogant. We have a sense of entitlement and that we are in control. We are not. This all can be taken away in a heartbeat. We are an experiment, with nobody in charge except ourselves. We do not create, we are allowed to create. We are dependent, completely in our environment, which we are killing. It’s about coming to terms with that relationship. You as a person are dependent, completely, on technology, and fleeting emotional fulfillment. Driven by pointless desires, we ultimately destroy with no reason or plan.

How was your tour in June?

Tons of fun! We saw old friends and played the new record for the first time live, and people were stoked. So that’s a great thing.

What’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened at one of your shows?

My guitar made its rounds through the audience, as has happened many times before, however this one time it came back snapped in half. Crazy, or stupid?

When’s the next time we can see you play in Montreal?

We will most definitely be out that way next year. Touring is a surgical procedure these days, involving precision and great planning. In 2018 we’ll see Montreal. Be patient.

What’s going on in the video for “Anti-War”?

The concept is chaos. The song is about being a fraud in your life, thinking that no matter how much you have mastered daily living, you are lying to everyone around you. The footage is all purposely found footage shot on my iPhone, of aspects of my own life. So that seems fitting.

You guys kinda sound like Converge (although not too much alike), but I love Converge. Do you like Converge?

No, I am not a Converge fan. I suppose I can get behind some of the first album, the one with the hand thing on the cover. I dunno. I need riffs.

What is left on your Bucketlist?

To watch my kids grow into awesome dudes who will kick ass and change the world.

Written & Compiled by Syd Ghan
*edited by Lia Davis

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Syd Ghan spent his childhood in a choir and taking private violin lessons. He’s totally a manly man except for that he can’t play sports and you probably shouldn’t ask him to help you move. He loves metal, rock, funk, jazz, pop, classical, country, rap, hip hop, and blues, but he doesn’t like Bono or his stupid face. He plays in a Montreal funk rock band called Safe in Sound who are just the bee’s knees. He enjoys long walks on the beach and being a smartass. He’s usually probably wrong.

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