Edward Middle – PLUTO

February 20, 2017 Keenan Kerr 0

8/10 Get your spacesuits, muthasuckas, we’re gettin’ naked! I know that doesn’t make sense, but neither does this album – it’s running wild; it’s outta this world; it’s from another planet. Sorry, NASA nerds, and […]


MUX – ‘Can You See Who?’

February 17, 2017 Aaron Deck 0

7/10 This month, I’ve been tasked with reviewing an album that could best be described as an amalgamation of industrial, rock, and stoner. I’ve had to dive deep into the well of my musical knowledge […]


The Kubricks – The Heist

February 16, 2017 Mathieu Perrier 0

8.5/10 What do you get when you cross two-tone ska, reggae, a pinch of Latin, and elements of pop songwriting and production? No, this isn’t a setup to some stupid joke. In fact, unlike most […]


Ambary Lake – Red Sky Above

February 15, 2017 Tyler Miller 0

5/10 Ambary Lake is a post-hardcore, alternative-rock group from Clifton, New Jersey, comprised of four core members: Nagee, Matt, Shawn, and Tom, with different drummers from time to time. A concept album about two lovers […]


Malacoda – Ritual Aeterna

February 14, 2017 Shawn Thicke 0

8/10 For those who know me, I am not a die-hard metal fan. I know, I suck. I can’t even give you a full reason as to why I’m not, either.  That said, I actually […]


Hashed Out – Cosmic Pessimism

February 13, 2017 Jordan Hodgins 0

6/10 Hashed Out is a hardcore, nihilistic-doom punk band out of Montreal. Founded in 2013, the band consists of Balloo, Tay, Keegan, Mean Jean, and Alex. Their first full-length album Cosmic Pessimism, which was released […]


Future States – Casual Listener

January 31, 2017 Tyler Miller 0

6/10 From the first notes of the opening track “Forward,” Casual Listener by Future States promises a more experimental foray into some light indie rock. Unfortunately, over the course of the next few songs, these […]

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