My Own Co-Pilot – Textures EP

October 15, 2018 Max Morin 0

8.5/10 Debut EP’s are always important. They give the first taste of a new project, one that will either be looked back on as a glimpse of potential or an embarrassing early attempt. Of course, […]


Some Antics – Not Very Fun at Parties

October 11, 2018 Syd Ghan 0

7.5/10 Ah, pop punk. Somehow it has endured through its relatively brief but still respectable tenure among other spikey-haired subgenres, never quite becoming the most popular, but never disappearing either. To their credit, while Not […]

Hollyview - Heritage

Hollyview – Heritage

October 10, 2018 Justin Bruce 0

7/10 Heritage is the sophomore release from Ohio alt-rockers Hollyview. A combination of rock, pop, and emo, the album boasts some solid instrumental work and catchy vocal melodies. Although it’s a strong offering, I think […]


Villainous – Self-titled EP

October 5, 2018 Jason Greenberg 0

7.5/10 If the history of music has taught us anything… it’s probably too long to actually list! But for the purpose of my witty opener, I’m going to say it’s taught us that shit can […]

AATXE - Cardinal

AATXE – Cardinal

October 4, 2018 Max Morin 0

6.5/10 Sigh… Unpronounceable name? Check. Stage names that aren’t names? Check. Production that sounds like a cell phone encased in a concrete block and duct-taped to the ceiling of the rehearsal space? Check. It seems […]


Static – Disguise

October 3, 2018 Syd Ghan 1

4/10 If East London natives Static were going for unsettling on their latest EP Disguise, they definitely succeeded. If they were going for almost anything else, then let’s just call this a miss. It starts […]

The Inner Party - Darker

The Inner Party – Darker

October 2, 2018 Jordan Hodgins 0

8.5/10 The Inner Party – a five-piece, from Fayetteville, Arkansas – are often described as space punk, but don’t tend to sit still within one particular sound or style, making them quite engaging. Officially established […]