Mista Latex – Living Life

October 3, 2017 Aaron Deck 0

5.5/10 How many songs about fucking can you stuff onto one album? I’m not sure what the Guinness Book of World Records has to say on the subject, but I’m pretty sure Mista Latex just […]


Haviah Mighty – Flower City

May 3, 2017 Rob Coles 0

9/10 From the first bass drop on Haviah Mighty’s Flower City, I was hooked. The high-energy Brampton, Ontario-based rapper released the album in March, and it’s bursting with a powerful lyrical style and confidence. Backed […]


Mellowtone – Broken Rooms

April 26, 2017 Jordan Hodgins 0

9/10 Mellowtone are a ‘trip-hop’ band founded in 2008 from Fribourg, Switzerland, a district that sits on the cultural divide between the French and German areas of the country. Like ‘trip-hop’ pioneers, Massive Attack, Mellowtone’s […]


Extra Kool – Eight

October 19, 2016 Richard Brunette 0

7.5/10 Denver, Colorado musicians Extra Kool’s name isn’t the only thing that will make you think this is 1992; his style and flow will too. He is apologetically a student of what many consider to […]


Busty And The Bass – Lift

September 5, 2016 Paul Ablaze 0

9/10 I was a little surprised to find Busty And The Bass’s new EP Lift in my inbox, seeing as I’m more of a “Metal Guy” here at Bucketlist. But one never looks a gift horse in […]


Eddie Quotez – Kawaii

March 6, 2016 Shawn Thicke 0

5/10 Eddie Quotez’s EP Kawaii advertises itself as a complete musical work that was written and produced in four hours. Sadly, it sometimes shows. Eddie should have probably spent triple the amount of time, because […]


Mega Ran – RNDM

February 1, 2016 Enzo Catania 1

9/10 Mega Ran, formerly known as Random or Mega Random, recently dropped an album on us that is epic for our times. Those who think RNDM might be too nerdy for their collection (since he gets […]