MRYGLD – Self-Titled EP 

November 3, 2017 Lee Ferguson 0

9/10 MRYGLD (pronounced Marigold) are a fresh faced, brand spanking new indie act from Birmingham, AL who released their debut EP on June, 23rd, 2017. These six feel-good, rock-oriented songs with shared vocals by guitarist […]


Lara Antebi – Skin Collection 

October 23, 2017 Syd Ghan 0

9/10 Lara Antebi is an impressive woman. On her debut full-length release Skin Collection, the Montreal native is credited with playing no less than five different instruments including singing, keyboard, guitar, saxophone and melodium (that’s […]


Harfang – Laugh Away The Sun

June 16, 2017 Jesse Gainer 0

8/10 Before diving into the dreamy details of this debut full-length from Quebec City folk-indie outfit Harfang, I’d like to thank Bucketlist  for assigning me a record that precludes me from plumbing the abyssal depths of to find additional […]


Morgan Barrie – North

April 28, 2017 Brian Charles Clarke 0

6/10 North by Morgan Barrie is an equally folky and noisy experiment and makes for a sort of bold debut. Barrie’s voice acts as a sonic constant throughout the record which has the advantage of […]