The Kindest People – Idle Revival

May 28, 2018 Justin Bruce 0

8/10 The Kindest People are a Tennessee alternative rock band and their 2017 full length, Idle Revival is a really interesting listen. The band describes themselves as stylish indie with a garage rock attitude, but […]


Morgan Barrie – Fall

April 12, 2018 Aaron Deck 0

6.1/10 I’ve always found the singer/songwriter genre very polarizing. It seems they’ll either produce something so amazing, something so profound that you find yourself pantsless and screaming at the moon over their sheer brilliance after […]

Jason Philips Band - Animal Inside

Jason Philip Band – Animal Inside 

April 3, 2018 Ben Cornel 0

5/10 Out of Fayetteville, North Carolina, comes the Jason Philip Band with their 2017 release Animal Inside. The five-track album is a short listen of dialled-back indie folk rock. Instrumentally the band pulls together some very nice […]


Adiescar – Love in Sound EP

March 9, 2018 Lee Ferguson 0

8/10 There are some albums I absolutely love listening to at the gym. The songs are energized and really get your blood pumping for a solid workout. Alright, I confess, I don’t actually go to […]


Galapagos – Even This Glow

March 7, 2018 Mathieu Perrier 0

7/10 Hailing from this nation’s capital, Galapagos is a group that blends alternative rock, indie, and garage genres on their new EP Even This Glow. Released earlier this year, their sophomore EP shows that the […]


Zeresh – Sigh For Sigh

February 20, 2018 Lee Ferguson 0

10/10 Alright, so I’ll admit to knowing next to nothing about atmospheric dark folk. Nor do I know much about the music scene in Israel, the home base for multi instrumentalist Tamar Singer who performs […]

juniper NIghts - Human Rush

Juniper Nights – Human Rush

January 16, 2018 Lee Ferguson 0

9.5/10 What initially strikes me with Human Rush, the debut EP from Oxford, UK’s Juniper Nights, is how reminiscent it is of early day Radiohead records Pablo Honey and The Bends, the albums released before […]


MRYGLD – Self-Titled EP 

November 3, 2017 Lee Ferguson 0

9/10 MRYGLD (pronounced Marigold) are a fresh faced, brand spanking new indie act from Birmingham, AL who released their debut EP on June, 23rd, 2017. These six feel-good, rock-oriented songs with shared vocals by guitarist […]