Fear of Noise – Hierarchy

December 14, 2016 Shawn Thicke 0

7/10 Hierarchy by Fear of Noise opens up to the sounds of a bird’s chirping being engulfed by an onslaught of droning guitar feedback and reverse tape effects. This is Fear of Noise’s modus operandi. One […]


Ko_Plune – Auditory Atlas

May 12, 2016 Jordan Hodgins 0

6.5/10 Based in Southampton, British alternative rock band Ko_Plune is comprised of Carl Edwards (guitar), Jack Hill-Jones (bass), Courtney Gray (vocals, keys and synth), and Guy Anderson (drums). Released earlier this year, their debut EP […]


The Rococo Bang – TOLL

February 18, 2016 Enzo Catania 0

5/10 Hot off the heels of their last EP Equations, duo The Rococo Bang put out TOLL, a nine-song EP available on Bandcamp. The band pride themselves on improvisation, and along their journey have captured a unique […]


Gas Station Mentality – Self Titled

January 16, 2016 Brian Charles Clarke 2

5/10 On their Bandcamp page, Montreal’s Gas Station Mentality bill themselves as a “grunge, alternative, blue collar” band. From a sonic perspective, this couldn’t be further from the truth. However, their visual aesthetic fits this […]


Destroy Clocks – Reanimalize

May 16, 2015 Dominic Abate 0

8/10 Ottawa’s Destroy Clocks are an interesting band. In their bio, they write that they incorporate elements of jazz, doom, electro, and hardcore. That’s certainly the case on their Reanimalize record. It’s safe to say […]