meh — Mindless Empty Hardcore

January 17, 2018 Justin Bruce 0

6/10 Mindless Empty Hardcore is the debut EP by Montreal hardcore punks meh. Featuring current and former members of more bands than I can keep track of, meh bring snippets of grind, thrash, and hardcore […]

Skore - Missing Chapter

Skore – Missing Chapter

January 11, 2018 Jason Greenberg 0

7.5/10 Where does the line get drawn between artistic value and entertainment value? Hungary’s progressive five-piece band Skore and their most recent full-length (and then some) record, Missing Chapter, I again find myself arguing this point […]


Epica – The Solace System

December 27, 2017 Mathieu Perrier 0

7/10 Dutch band Epica surely needs no introduction. Even people unfamiliar with the band have an idea of how they sound based on their name alone. Since the turn of the century, Epica has been […]


Graveyard Strippers – Crawling

December 13, 2017 Scott Andrews 0

5/10 Graveyard Strippers consider themselves to be an industrial metal act from Montreal, Québec.  Their new album is a blend of shock rock with an industrial twist, invoking elements of Korn, Nine Inch Nails, Wednesday […]

ACES - Midnight Viper

ACES – Midnight Viper

December 7, 2017 Mathieu Perrier 0

5/10 Hailing from Richmond, Virginia, metal outfit ACES and their debut EP, Midnight Viper, is a healthy dose of straightforward metal. Love it or hate it, the five-song EP serves as a good reminder of […]

SPEAKER - Murder and Create

SPEAKER – Murder and Create   

December 6, 2017 Lee Ferguson 0

4.5/10 As I peered deeply into the cover of SPEAKER’s latest release Murder and Create (released November 10th, 2017), trying to decipher what exactly was going on in the image, I was reminded of a […]

Slanderus - Walls of the Mind

Slanderus – Walls of the Mind 

December 4, 2017 Syd Ghan 0

7.5/10 For a very specific group of people there is a hell of a lot to like on Walls of the Mind, the second full-length release by Ontario locals Slanderus. For those people, I’ve constructed […]

Bird Problems - TAR

Bird Problems – TAR

December 1, 2017 Aaron Deck 0

7/10 While writing the review for the newest album TAR by Bird Problems , I didn’t have a clear notion of how I felt about it. Based on technical merit, I had to rank the album […]