Wednesday 13 – Condolences

June 27, 2017 Syd Ghan 0

8.5/10 If there was ever a misleading title, it’s the one shock rock mainstay Joseph Poole, aka Wednesday 13, has chosen to bestow upon his latest solo offering, Condolences. Where that word would generally imply music that […]


The Without – Factions    

June 23, 2017 Lee Ferguson 0

6.5/10    If the show “Portlandia” has taught me anything, it’s that Portland, Oregon is a city swimming with neo hippies, still lost somewhere in the 90s. We’re supposed to believe everything we see on […]


No Fuss – LP1

June 22, 2017 Mathieu Perrier 0

3/10 The term ‘local two-piece punk band,’ is one that any sane person should have their doubts about. Most of the time, the result is relatively empty sounding music. Unfortunately, it’s the best I can […]


The Everyday Anthem – Nobodies

June 21, 2017 Keenan Kerr 0

9/10 Woah, 2002, welcome back! You’re lookin’ good, baby. History has a tendency of repeating itself, and luckily The Everyday Anthem (TEA) of the beautiful Atlanta, GA are accelerating a revisit while utilizing the sound […]


Suicide Helpline – Pink Jazz

May 26, 2017 Keenan Kerr 0

8/10 The front cover artwork of Suicide Helpline’s Pink Jazz definitely connotes vaginas and finger banging – it’s subliminal and I LIKE IT! 1970s-style punk music released on April 25th, 2017, this album takes the […]


Summerteeth – Hope This Helps

May 12, 2017 Brian Charles Clarke 0

5/10 For those of you who have recently become dismayed over the direction Paramore‘s sound appears to be heading in, fret not. Summerteeth’s debut record Hope This Helps does a decent job of imitating the band’s […]


Flaws – Vesta

May 5, 2017 Jesse Gainer 0

7/10 Debut EPs are tricky. It’s an elevator pitch; you’ve got a scant amount of time to put your best foot forward and give listeners a reason to come back for more. Curation is key. […]