Earthless - Black Heaven

Earthless – Black Heaven

April 20, 2018 Ben Cornel 0

9/10   It feels like an eternity since the world has had their face melted by new Earthless material. At least the gents of the California psychedelic rock band did not let anyone down with their latest release. Black […]

Fall Flavored - 180

Fall Flavored – 180

April 17, 2018 Mickey Ellsworth 0

7/10 France’s Fall Flavored return with their third release after some sweeping lineup changes in 2017. The aptly named 180 showcases a more refined approach to their punk-infused, alt-rock stylings. This album introduces the powerful vocal presence of newly […]

One - All or Nothing

One – All or Nothing

April 13, 2018 Lee Ferguson 0

6.5/10 Back in 2004 I started my first band with my good buddy Steve. We were extremely green and didn’t have an official practice space, so we would spend a lot of nights just driving […]

Ministry - Amerikkant

Ministry – Amerikkant

March 30, 2018 Max Morin 0

5.5/10 Do you ever look at something and think, “How did you fuck that up?” Whether it’s an Ikea chair, a bowl of KD or a democratic electoral system, some things end up being ruined […]

MOOCH - Timewarp

MOOCH – Timewarp

March 23, 2018 Max Morin 0

8/10 That’s it? Timewarp, the new EP by Montreal doom rockers MOOCH, feels over before it even begins. It’s a damn shame too, because the amount of psychedelic swamp sounds that MOOCH manage to drum […]


Hellenica – Land of no Return

March 19, 2018 Syd Ghan 0

7/10 Montreal musician Jim Demos is no stranger to odd releases with his project Hellenica. He describes his collection as “music for the lost and forgotten.” The latest one, Land of no Return, is the […]