Dogmathica – Start Becoming Nothing


Internet, meet Dogmathica, Dogmathica, meet my loins and all this bothersome heat you’ve created. Hailing from Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy, this five-piece meal of mean mother fucking metal come to your face today to bring you a brand spanking new record by the name of Start Becoming Nothing. If you ever wanted to know what a test tube baby between Meshuggah, At the Gates, and early Between the Buried and Me would sound like, then I’m proud to say it exists. If you haven’t been dreaming of this, you’re wrong and you can go ahead and close my review now, because it’s all groovy from here on out.

Start Becoming Nothing needs a wide birth into your brain as it cracks open with “Praghma,” delivering a foreshadowing of the groove to come. Polyrhythmic, tone-heavy, angry, and even at times artsy (including moments of spoken word and the slight distortion pause to create ambience); all these words describe this record from top to bottom upon first listen. Continued tasting ventures produces notes of top notch recording quality, realization of even meaner guitar tones, a few drum fills you didn’t notice the first time, and a sore neck or cheeks from repeated mean metal face. Mathematical know how is on full display for drum section, and vocals feel nothing short of relentless at even corner. Consistent, albeit lacking in elements of surprise.

The only element of this record that would separate it from the possibility of perfection is a slight redundancy in composition. It’s fucking brutal, it brings you all the heavy boner moments, but in that, you can begin to tell by halfway through this monster that there is only rare deviation points which lead to a tiny lack of diversity. This can be done by bands like Meshuggah because all knobs are hit to eleven and you’re left writhing on the floor wondering what the fuck could possibly hit you harder, where as here, everything almost seems as if it’s been shot with the safety on. You get a glimpse of higher potential from Dogmathica when the clock rolls over to “Screaming in the Darkness,” upping speed, tempo, and somehow grooviness. Without any question this is an act with a potential for greatness as they tread on a ground rarely accomplished professionally at this caliber. Time will only show bigger things and a great many more jizz stains in my jeans.

Written by Jason Greenberg
*edited by Danielle Kenedy

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On the best of days, you can hear Jason screaming his guts out into a microphone for the Montreal-based metal band, Outlive the Dead formerly known as Camalus. He joined the make-you-pee-your-pants-in-angst band after a few line-up switches and continues to haunt local venues with his low, baritone growl. Being introduced to music at a young age, Bruce Springsteen rivalled most others for the coveted Favourite Artist position. One fateful day, however, Jason found himself lost in MTV’s third annual Icon Tribute to Metallica and his whole world turned upside down. On other days, Jason can be found enjoying long walks on the beach while masturbating in public, most likely toting around a case of Sleeman’s Cream Ale. PS- His favourite band still stands as Metallica and he will not be judged.

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