Don’t Panic Fest & For The Love Of Punk Team Up To Release Girls Rock Denver Benefit Compilation!

Those of us at Don’t Panic Fest love the work that Girls Rock Denver have been doing in the last few years! Girls Rock work to empower young women with the power of Rock N Roll!

Stream now at For The Love Of Punk! 100% of proceeds from the Bandcamp Pay What You Want Sampler will go to Girls Rock Denver!

Don’t Panic Fest founder Damian Burford had a few words to say about the compilation: “I am fortunate enough to have had very strong women role models in my life. Women who fought tooth and nail for what they believed in and fought to make the world a better place for everyone around them. They taught me to try to create a better world for everyone, and that is the work that Girls Rock Denver have been doing since their inception!”

With Don’t Panic Fest, we originally had the intention of giving a portion of ticket sales to a non-profit such as Girls Rock. With a first year music festival, it’s rare for those festivals to break even much less make any money whatsoever. So rather than promise something we might not have, we decided to do take what could have been just a normal music compilation and we worked to make something a little more special.”

With unreleased songs from Denver favorites, such as Sophisticated Boom Boom, Lawsuit Models and The Sleights; and old favorites from SPELLS (Featuring Comedian Ben Roy from TruTV’s Those Who Can’t), Allout Helter, Cheap Perfume and so many more…. We are giving 100% of the proceeds of this “Pay What You Want” compilation to Girls Rock Denver!”

My mother, grandmother and sisters have been such huge forces in this world and I would not be the person I am today had it not been for their influence on my life. Somewhere out there is a young person trying to find their own voice and path. This is someone learning to be their own force in this world. A place like Girls Rock will help these young women find their paths to greatness. If you enjoy what you hear, you can help mold the next generation of ass kicking women!

Don’t Panic Fest is this weekend, February 17th & 18th in Denver! The festival will be taking place between the Hi-Dive, 3 Kings Tavern & Mutiny Information Cafe. It features some of the best of Colorado punk leaning musicians along with headliners Pegboy, Off With Their Heads, Mean Jeans, Nobodys, Allout Helter, The Raging Nathans, Ray Rocket of Teenage Bottle Rocket, Chad Price of All/Drag The River and SPELLS (featuring Comedian BEN ROY of TruTv’s Those Who Can’t)!

Limited tickets are still available here.

About Girls Rock Denver:
Founded in 2007

Girls Rock Denver seeks to empower young women, girls and gender nonconforming youth by putting instruments in their hands and unveiling what they already possess in their feet, fingertips, vocal cords, hearts, and minds.

We believe:
* Girls should be seen and heard.
* Potential is not dictated by gender.
* In providing girls with a nonjudgmental space in which to be themselves.
* In a girl’s right to confidence, self-reliance, and courage.
* Girls should be encouraged to express themselves with creativity and enthusiasm.
* In the power of women and girls learning from each other.

*We recognize that “girl” is complicated term and can mean many things. “Girl” doesn’t automatically include all aspects of the gender spectrum and that is welcome within our organization. We acknowledge that we do not live in a post-gender world, and maintain the value in creating safe spaces of expression and growth for girls, trans, and gender-nonconforming individuals.

About Don’t Panic Fest:
Baby, it’s cold outside in February! We’re going to heat up your favorite venues with a celebration of some of the finest Colorado punk rock, garage & hardcore. We even invited a few of our favorite national to join in the fun with Denver’s Don’t Panic Fest!

Brought to you by Mostly Harmless Podcast, 3 Kings Tavern, Hi-Dive & Mutiny Information Cafe, the festival will take place February 17th & 18th along Denver’s South Broadway/Baker district.

Don’t Panic is a two day celebration of Colorado’s best punk rock. Our mission is to showcase the best and the brightest punk, garage and hardcore that Colorado have to offer- while inviting some of our favorite bands from all over the country! This isn’t a “for profit” festival, we’re throwing a party with some of our favorite bands and people. It was inspired by small community driven festivals such as THE FEST, Awesome Fest, Death To False Hope, The UMS & 71-Grind!

The name of the festival comes from festival founder, “Dammit” Damian Burford’s favorite book, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy. (He is also host of the Mostly Harmless Podcast, which is also a reference to the book.) We are living in what feels like turbulent times, this is a festival about inclusion and bringing people together. The world might be a scary place, but Don’t Panic. We can come together and together we can conquer the world.

From Damian Burford: “I was at THE FEST in Gainesville. I had spent the morning drinking waaaaay too much coffee in the hotel lobby. THE FEST was always such a great festival and a great time. I didn’t want it to end. I was chatting with Scotty Sandwhich, the founder of Death To False Hope records and a fellow festival producer, when he told me to “go for it.” His enthusiasm mixed with a healthy dose of caffeine and allergy medicine, I made the call to Vinnie at 3 Kings and this little idea became a reality.”

We’re starting off small this year, focusing on our favorite Colorado bands. If all goes well and we don’t end up losing our butts on this festival, look for next year’s fest to grow.”

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