Intervals Release New Single “I’m Awake”

Toronto’s Intervals is at it again, with a groundbreaking new single “I’m Awake” off of the upcoming album The Shape of Colour, to be released December 4th, 2015.

Composer and guitarist Aaron Marshall created another instrumental masterpiece, and also features Cameron McLellan of Protest the Hero, drummer Travis Orbin and several guest appearances including Leland Whitty.

“This tune means a lot to me for many reasons,” Marshall says. “This year actually began with a pretty heavy surgery for me, and when I came to, this riff was rolling around in my head. I tend to instinctually vibe off of stuff like that, so I knew I had to go with it.

“On a different level,” Marshall continues, “when I began writing this album, I wanted to be very open and honest with myself, musically. I find inspiration in a lot of different music and the goal was to write a piece that functions as a welcoming entry into the sound of the record that has energy, and strong melody, without being too aggressive or dense. All in all, the combination of realizing the direction I wanted to take this record in, coupled with the undeniable fact that the theme of this song was somehow already in my head when I gained consciousness after surgery gave way to the title: ‘I’m Awake.’ “



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