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Kalamata is a stoner rock psych outfit based in Hildesheim. Featuring Peter Jaun (guitar), Maik Blümke (bass), and Olly Opitz (drums), the German trio released their second album Disruption on March 1st, as a follow up to 2014’s You. Entirely instrumental, Disruption melds stoner rock, psych, and prog in a way that evokes the best of both the Truckfighters and Tool. The only words on the album – the track titles – make the most of their limited appearance, and when put together read, “MY ERECTION SHOWS ME THE DIRECTION.” This statement, especially in caps, is a succinct way to describe the ensuing audio boner one receives when listening to Disruption.

Substantial and thick bass lines are the main vein running through the album; placed intelligently atop are psych guitar riffs that go in every direction, all the way to the John Frusciante-style beginning of “ERECTION.” The harmony between the trio, each wonderfully talented in their own craft, makes Disruption a killer progressive journey – and this album is very much a journey. Dynamic and diverse, the tracks don’t just crescendo, they flow up and down like a wavelength; with an ebb and flow they gradually increase, but never leave you behind.

“MY’ and “THE” are heavy right off the bat, and both remind me of Kyuss. Primarily driven by heavy but groovy riffs that are very satisfying, both contain breakdowns that are slightly more spacey, and include the use of different effects. Listening, you feel as if you are completely transfixed and lost in the ebbs and flows between heavy riffs and spacey chaos.

“ME,” like“ERECTION,” begins in a relatively slow and quiet fashion with just bass and drums, but you can feel the anticipation building, just waiting to crescendo. It is almost as if they are teasing you. These tracks stand as an example of their ability to take it down a notch, while still flowing seamlessly into a heavier direction. As the multi-layered guitar flits in and out of the background, adding a significant depth, it sounds as if there is no where to go but up.

The final track “DIRECTION” solidifies Disruption as a thoroughly solid album. It is again a heavier track, and with more metal guitar riffs, it has a bit of a Motörhead feel to it. It is, however, the totally unexpected and sexy-as-hell saxophone that makes this track. Introducing a jazz feel to the stoner-psych, the sax, bass, and drums fit perfectly together, and sound downright awesome. While this is by far my favourite few minutes of Disruption, I think the only reason it isn’t a perfect 10/10 is that I feel like it is lacking a wild guitar solo. It is not lacking in guitar – just missing a moment where Jaun (who has a more than solid base to come back to) lets loose. This could be considered splitting hairs, though…

Written by Jordan Hodgins
*edited by Kate Erickson

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