Laura Sauvage Is Performing In Toronto On November 2nd At The Burdock In Celebration Of Her New Album “The Beautiful” Out Now On Simone Records

Laura Sauvage is performing in Toronto on November 2nd at The Burdock in celebration of her new album The Beautiful out now on Simone Records.

Hailing from a little town in New Brunswick, Vivianne Roy was always passionate about music. She began writing her own songs at age of sixteen. From 2007 to 2010, she participated in the Accro de la chanson workshops held by the FJFNB (Fédération des jeunes francophones du Nouveau-Brunswick), where she honed her songwriting skills and learned the tricks of her trade as composer and performer. In 2010, she won the Accro de la chanson competition in the solo category. It was on this occasion that she met Katrine Noël and Julie Aubé. It was a musical epiphany: the three young women saw themselves in the songs of the others and quickly became friends, forming the indie-folk country band Les Hay Babies. The group overflowed with talent and lost no time, releasing an EP in 2012 and their first full-length album, My Homesick Heart, in 2013.

The idea for a solo project came to Vivanne Roy during the last three years on the road with Les Hay Babies. The band was garnering success wherever they went; winning les Francouvertes in Montreal in 2013, getting instant fans in France, Switzerland, Germany and Belgium on three consecutive tours, receiving multiple East Coast Music Award nominations and winning the French Songwriter of the Year award at the Canadian Folk Music Awards. The fact that she had no deep roots anywhere, travelling from hotel room to hotel room in often unfamiliar cities, inspired new songs. Thus was born Vivianne’s solo project, Laura Sauvage.

Mixing haunting vocals with her signature heavy guitar, The Beautiful lies somewhere between a stoner and a political record, with influences from past and present artists. Simply take The Feelies and their multiple guitar layers, the surrealism of Pierre Cavalli and the Parquet Courts’ D.I.Y. flair, and you get The Beautiful.

The record features collaborators like Dany Placard, François Lafontaine, Nicolas Beaudoin  and her Les Hay Babies acolytes, as well as its load of analogue synths, a pinball and a McDonald’s. Basically, The Beautiful is a dive into a zany 80s nerd paradise.

The record’s artwork follows a similar concept of mingling generations and making them come together. Taking a bunch of old 70s magazines, Viviane turned her home into an arts and crafts space, in order to create the wacky psychedelic visuals that would accompany her music.

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