We Got Back the Feeling, and It’s a Good One – An Interview with Mikael Danielsson of No Fun At All

Swedish punks No Fun At All have been on semi-hiatus for years now. After a false start in 2012 at Millicon Festival, the band have regained some of their momentum and released Grit, their first album since 2008’s Low Rider.

Questions are swirling around the release of Grit. Can a punk band entering their third decade together recapture the glory of their youth days? Fortunately, we had No Fun At All frontman Mikael Danielsson sit down with Bucketlist and set the record straight.

Grit is your first album in ten years. What do you think people checking you out for the first time should expect?

They better be ready for twelve songs of some shredding, fast-paced, melody-laden punk rock from a band that is back in full force!

You’ve been back together for five years now. Have you been working on this album the whole time, or is it a new development?

I guess it all started when I bought a home studio like five years ago. First I was mainly recording songs in a seventies-rock kinda style with my own project Hillman. Been working on those songs for a very long time, but I guess that they will probably just stay in my computer. Like four years ago I tried out some ideas in the NFAA vein and they turned out really good. Before I have always just recorded demos for the other guys with acoustic guitar and vocals. Now I could record good sounding demos with drums and all the stuff. Been a lot of singing in my apartment, to the neighbours’ great joy, haha. Then I brought up the idea of recording a new album like three years ago, but some of the guys weren’t interested. We kept playing live once in a while, and I kept writing new songs. Then I brought it up again, then Steven and Christer chose to leave the band. Me, Ingemar, and Kjell decided to recruit new members and go on, with bassist Stefan Bratt (Atlas Losing Grip) and lead guitarist Fredrik Eriksson (Twopointeight) joining in. In February 2017 we started to rehearse the new stuff.

What was the inspiration behind this album? Were you in a specific mindset when you wrote it?

In the last couple of years, I guess I have found my way back to the love of writing new music and doing live shows. Got the feeling back of the early days of NFAA, and it’s a nice one.

Any plans for the band, beyond your upcoming tour? Plans to come to North America, for instance?

Hopefully we can come up with some great news on that matter in a very short while. During the summer we’re going to do festivals and stuff in Europe. But after that, we will see what happens. I keep my fingers crossed.

What would be your advice for bands just starting out?

Follow your heart and do want you wanna do.

If No Fun At All could tour with any musicians, living or dead, who would they be?

Then we would be with  AC/DC on the Powerage Tour in Australia back in ’78.

Two trains, 300 miles apart are traveling towards each other with one with a constant speed of 70mph and 50 mph. What is your favourite Netflix show?

Making a Murderer.

What is still on your Bucket List?

Never played in Africa so I would love to go to South Africa.

Thanks everyone! Hope to see ya in the pit!

Written and Compiled by Max Morin
*edited by Kate Erickson

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