You’re Among Friends – One Day You’ll Look Back


If there’s such as thing as a punk rock Randy Newman, I think this is it. You’re Among Friends are a self-described bluesy power-pop band from Cleveland, Ohio and their newest EP One Day You’ll Look Back managed to get me out of the old “I had to push my car out of a goddamn snowbank and was an hour late for work” blues.

You’re Among Friends is essentially the brainchild of guitarist/vocalist Anthony Doran. Doran’s kept the band going for over eleven years through various lineup changes, though you wouldn’t know that from listening. With bassist Kevin Trask and drummer Frank Mirabelli, the band jives really well.

One Day You’ll Look Back certainly lives up to the power-pop name; this thing is seriously catchy. I can’t count the number of times the chorus of “I’m Happier Now” has gone through my head today. The warbling vocals throughout aren’t the most conventional, but if you’re into artists like Elvis Costello, you’re bound to appreciate the style. The contrast between the happy-go-lucky melody and comparatively dismal lyrics on songs like ”Not My Thing” makes for a pretty interesting listen and brings a bit of thematic diversity to the EP.

The EP’s short run-time is a bit of a double-edged sword. At only four songs, One Day You’ll Look Back doesn’t really have time to get boring. You’re Among Friends never branch too far from their main sound and, were it a little longer, that would be more of a problem for me. That said, maybe a longer track listing would have forced the band to step outside their comfort zone.

Hypotheticals aside, One Day You’ll Look Back is a fun listen and I can’t say I have any complaints about what you’ll hear on this thing. You’re Among Friends are pretty far outside of my usual wheelhouse, but they’ve found themselves a new fan.

Written by Justin Bruce
*edited by Danielle Kenedy

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