13th RAC Concert Series in Montreal (Free Event) March 2nd!

The 13th Edition of the Recording Arts Canada showcase is upon us. The event is free, and will be held at La Sala Rossa in Montreal. Hear some great music from some top emerging artists. Recording Arts Canada students will be handling all the production, mixing, doing lights, and provide Cadillac level of tech assistance to four bands, a few DJs and some surprise guests!

RAC’s concert series is valuable platform for emerging artists, playing in front of a full house as well as plenty of industry professionals.. The bands will have a friendly “competition” for best performance with the prize being a full day of recording at RAC studios. Four judges will vote on the winning band. The judging is based on stage presence, songwriting, technical, and set arrangement.

The bands are:

High Water:

See very talented emerging indie artists perform March 2nd at RAC’s 13th Concert Series at La Sala Rossa in Montreal, it’s FREE! Recording Arts Canada is pleased to announce  High Waters as one of the performers selected.

This Ottawa quartet is already being compared to RadioHead and Hey Rosetta. Sometimes quite experimental, this Indie band also has a knack for writing very high quality radio friendly songs.

High Waters’ debut LP Goodnight Mara is off to a great start as Canadian critics are already raving about it. Their song Up to the Sea is a very catchy pop tune combining a great hook and nice sonic textures, featuring some tasty melodic bass licks and Ebow-like guitar work in the bridge section.

Strong musical and vocal chops, creative use of reverb, haunting filtered delays, tribal percussion, sinuous vocal harmonies, organic violin lines, clever guitar textures, melodious bass counterpoint and even funk-rock grooves are all meshed together. The band’s acute pop sensibility and songwriting prowess make Goodnight Mara a very interesting album, you should have a listen. The only common theme on the record is High Waters’ ubiquitous ability to surprise us at every turn. Kudos to Reza Kazemi and Dave Ledoux who produced the record.


A bilingual Montreal-based Power Band. Natation plays energetic Dance Rock music with Ska and New Wave flavours. High Energy band to discover!


Maximum Energy Power Trio! Our 3rd selected band is called DAZE. These 3 guys play “no-nonsense” RocknRoll. They’ve been compared to Aussie band JET and Lynyrd Skynyrd. DAZE is a mixture of a warm sounding Les Paul, punchy and solid baselines, simple and effective drumming…along with a raunchy lead singer. Southern Rock at it’s best!

High and Mighty:

Folk rock outfit formed by brothers Clay and Jake Upex currently living and playing in Montreal, originally from Salt Spring Island, British Colombia. Ben Massicotte is now part of the band. Their sound is very acoustic, quite folk sounding with soulful lead vocals and nicely blended vocal harmonies.

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