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My life is a complete mess. I am the last person one would think of when referring to “having their shit together.” I’m either a sloth or a tornado, busy or half dead; I have no middle mode. During my long periods of sleeplessness due to busyness, I tend to cram as much as I can into the fifteen minute lulls in my schedule.

What exactly can you do in ten minutes? Clean out your fridge; make an appointment with your dentist that you have not seen in two years, three months, and seventeen days; remove your flaking nail polish; call dad just to say hi; or you could listen to Growing Pains’ June release Mood. That’s what I decided to do with an unscheduled fifteen minutes one very windy Vancouver afternoon, and it was an excellent use of my time.

What does fifteen minutes with Growing Pains get you, you ask? You get four respectable alternative pop-rock songs with some strange grunge undertones that sound like they belong on a Drive Thru Records compilation of their most obscure signees circa 2002.

The short but concise release leaves nothing to be desired. From the well-placed and not overpowering guitar feedback in the opening track “Greed” to the slower-paced finishing song “Mood,” the entire album is very pleasant. Without being groundbreaking or anything revolutionary, the Montreal quartet’s effort at releasing an EP that doesn’t get old after the tenth listen is commendable.

Their sounds is sometimes a bit shrill; the voice of singer and bass player Tommy Barbier is sweet, yet sounds a bit strained on the high notes. Yet in all honesty that is the worst thing I have to say about Mood. The guitar melodies are delightful and contrast perfectly with the heavier, sometimes distorted riffs throughout the album, and drummer Alex Voro shines through with his alluring cymbal-heavy style of playing.

It’s hard to pick a favourite song out of the four, but considering that “Colored Guns” is pretty much an ode to people trying to figure it out, I am a bit biased and in love with it. All things considered, Growing Pains’ Mood is a copacetic EP and a great way to take a break from the hullabaloo that is adulthood for fifteen minutes, and as the band is already in

Written by Kai Robidas
*edited by Kate Erickson

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Kai is a pint-sized writer based in Vancouver who enjoys things that start with the letter S such as sloths, snow, stories, and sesquipedalianism. She has a penchant for any music that involves unusual instruments and is partial to folk metal, classical, and pop-punk. Kai loves winter and history and can be found on any given day listening to her favourite bands at a borderline unhealthy volume and studying Finnish. She finds great amusement in saying the words hurdy-gurdy and vispilä.

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