Pin Up, Men & Company, and Xprime – Live at Le Divan Orange – January 28th, 2016– Montreal, QC

Pin Up & More – Jan. 28th, 2016 – Montreal, QC
Men and Company

Who wants to spend a Thursday night alone watching Netflix when there’s a party going on at Le Divan Orange with the guys from Men and Company, Xprime and Pin Up? No one, that’s who! The show started at 9:30PM with the band Men and Company from Montreal. Their indie music cheered the crowd and warmed the place up. The musicians kept thanking everyone and especially the organizers for giving them a chance to play at Le Divan Orange. After their performance, they went to the bar and talked to those congratulating them for their concert. Keep your heads up for any news from the band on their Facebook page.


At 10 PM, it was the guys from Xprime’s turn to get on stage. You probably recognize the name from the line up of the 2015 Osheaga Festival. Coming straight from Niagara, the guys from Xprime are also the kind of guys who know how to energize a night. One of the band members recently left, but it sure didn’t stop the other three guys from making music. They played different songs from their first two EPs, The Album and PM, and they also presented new material. The interesting thing with this band is that all the guys are singing, even their drummer. At every show, Xprime covers another band’s popular song, which was “All Star” from Smash Mouth the last time I saw them. Faithful to their habits, this time the band covered the song “Dancefloor” by The Artic Monkeys. Make sure you catch them the next time they come to Montreal, which should be in April; those not in town can check out their tour dates here.

Pin Up

Finally, the night ended with another band from Montreal who just released their first EP in July, 2015. Pin Up is a pop-rock band who are not losing time promoting themselves. The musicians are definitely happy to be on stage, and their energy is contagious. Under rounds and rounds of applause, the band played a few songs before getting off stage to share conversations with the audience at Divan Orange. Pin Up is another band that deserves to be known in the industry. They are just so passionate about their music; the energy flows through them and the crowd during their shows. Their next concert will take place at Le Café Campus on April 1st with Chalk Circle.

In the end, the night might have started a little late, but it was definitely worth it. There was no delay, the bands were good, and the beer was cheap. Le Divan Orange is an intimate place which made the night a whole lot more fun. Once they were off stage, the bands were drinking beers with their fans and taking pictures too. Make sure you keep an eye out on the bands’ websites for their tour dates and more.

Written and Photographed by Laura Boisvert-Lavoie
*edited by Kate Erickson
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