We are Monroe – Funeral EP


We are Monroe are, in my eyes, already famous. These gentlemen will make Montreal 100% proud. You want to know why? Because they sing about relationships of the human kind in a straightforward way, and the tunes bang out harder than a donkey punch. I would have liked to see them at Le Belmont this past January, and I can only imagine it went down well. The music from the Funeral EP on their Bandcamp page is such a teaser- damn you, We Are Monroe! Three songs is just not enough, so I’m going to buy the Funeral Deluxe Vinyl Package online on their website once this review is complete !

The first song “Funeral” jumps into high gear with drummer Ben and bassist Pete rocking a post-punk rhythm. Jason on guitar and Pat on vocals and guitar make it complete with precision-distorted riffs and an angry, melodic singing style reminiscent of the Killers, but much more raw and edgy.

“Tiger in a Box” bashes you in the face with an upbeat, post-punk-inspired rhythm section and unforgiving lyrics such as, “I tried to help you but you turned me away, I have the words, have the mind, have the heart to tell you that I couldn’t stay when it’s all about you” and, “So why you hating on me.”

The high energy continues with “Bitter Teeth” as the band brings you a story told through lyrics like, “Changing your mind all of the time, living a lie” over a four-chord progression.

With songs like this that provoke you to ring someone’s neck that’s been pissing you off and then dance up a frenzy to celebrate, I see a lot of people connecting with We Are Monroe, especially in this city. I for one will definitely not miss their next show in Montreal.

Written by Enzo Catania
*edited by Kate Erickson

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Enzo Catania was born and raised in Montreal, where he grew up loving everything from oldies to heavy metal. After finishing high school, he moved to Toronto, but after just one year he felt he had to go. Ottawa was the next stop, and it was there that his hobby became hip hop. Two years later he left there to serve beers in the Netherlands. He stayed in Holland for awhile, and electronic music became his favorite style. Now back in Montreal and causing all hell, he's still listening to all kinds of music and loving rare vinyl finds. He is also known as DJ Johnny Depanneur, is a member of the band Bedtime Stories, and works at Biscuits & BBQ Catering.

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