Bike Thiefs – Bloated EP

January 30, 2015 Syd Ghan 1

10/10 Sometimes the least conventional singers can make for the most engaging musical experience. Bike Thiefs’ lead man Marko Woloshyn does a great job matching the anger conveyed in his jagged post-grunge guitar riffs with […]


Jet Plane – Loud To Sleep

January 30, 2015 Joey Beaudin 0

7/10 I have very little experience with contemporary Russian music, but over the last few months I have been thoroughly enjoying some albums by experimental types of bands. Most recently was Loud to Sleep, the […]


Soundsylvania – Out of the Valley EP

January 29, 2015 Dave Tone 0

7.5/10 Opening up with a spaghetti western theme, the introduction to Soundsylvania‘s new EP, entitled Out of the Valley, bursts to life when the drums are hit. Their first number, “Escape Song”, showcases gritty overdriven […]