Voltang Release Music Video For “Garbage People” From Sophomore Album “Bad Sounds”

“Garbage People” is the first narrative music video release from Voltang’s acclaimed sophomore album, Bad Sounds. Much like the song itself, the video combines two juxtaposed worlds within Voltang’s actual band house. Opening with a Birdman – inspired “one-shot” story, stumbling through a colourful evening of sex, drugs & booze, the video transitions into a dark & infinite world filled with the band’s well-known, over the top stage antics.

Voltang’s goal was to create a video that feels comfortable yet unsettling all at once. It delivers a very candid, personal perspective, lowering the viewers guard then suddenly bends time and space, creating several moments of, “hang on, what just happened!?” Using a combination of practical and virtual effects, director (and Voltang drummer) Paul Maxwell was able to seemingly be behind and in front of the camera at the same time. The same techniques were used to allow band members to instantly transport throughout the house during the opening “one-shot.”

This was an incredibly rewarding challenge and I’m so fortunate to be part of such a talented team,” says Maxwell. “On most film sets, you light one scene at a time. We dramatically lit an entire house and walked through it without seeing a single shadow from a crew member, a light, a stand, even a camera cut.”

Though the video isn’t a direct visual telling of the lyrics, it embodies the general tone of the song to tell it’s own story. As frontman, Jake Reimer lumbers through the Voltang house, he does his best to avoid the colourful temptations that are all around him. As the vices close in, his only refuge is a space that may seem dark and uninhabitable to most.

As performers, people often wonder how we handle life on the road,” explains Maxwell. “What looks dark and lonely to one person may be another’s true happy-place. The stage is our real home, our real escape. In this video, the darkest, bleakest looking scenes are actually the brightest and most colourful, in my eyes. The road is just one big, dark happy-place.”

Voltang will be announcing a Summer 2018 tour in the coming weeks and is currently in studio working on their third album.

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