Reality Grey Release “The Void” Music Video

Italy’s Reality Grey have released their new music video and single titled, “The Void”. Following up on a successful release of the band’s latest single “Daybreakers” in late 2017, the metal quintet plans to add both singles to their upcoming record, set to release later this year.

More on the single and upcoming record, guitarist Anto Addabbo explains, “‘The Void’ is one of the album’s song that we feel more emotionally attached to, both musically and lyrically. It is about the struggle of finding ourselves in the different phases of our life. We all have been there, and it’s a song that most of the people can easily relate to.”

With heavy influences of metal genres, “The Void” comes in fast with driving drums and speedy riffs while mixing up catchy vocal melodies with subtle screams and clean vocals, giving a perfect example of what’s to come from Reality Grey. Check out the music video below and purchase the single on the group’s web-store at this location.

About Reality Grey:
Hailing from the sunny South Italy, Reality Grey represent the vanguard of the Italian scene, starting in 2004 playing the so called “Melodic Death Metal” and on a quest to redefine and pioneer their own form of that genre and go beyond. Release after release Reality Grey proved to be a tight five pieces able to break the Melodic Death Metal dogmas producing a challenging and inviting mixture of metal that can be described as a modern hybrid of metal in its pure form, melody, brutality and complex, yet catchy, song writing.

With the release of the first full length Darkest Days Are Yet To Come in 2006, right in the heat of the Melodic Death Metal revolution, Reality Grey managed to secure the first deal with the indie label Razar Ice Records USA (Tokyo Blade, TNT). Songs like “Reality Grey” and “Never again” racked up hundreds of thousands plays on the old MySpace allowing the band to tour constantly in Italy, gaining popularity well beyond the Italian borders.

In 2008 the EP Day Zero pushes the extremes of Reality Grey’s music. Brutal, melodic with no-hold-barred song writing attitude. Songs like “Day Zero” and “Slavery” shows the band’s experimental side, techno-synths, melancolic pianos and acoustic guitars perfectly blended with an intoxicating sonic aggression. Day Zero grants the band to tour with Deicide and Hatesphere.

2014: after 2 years of non-stop touring, the critically acclaimed Define Redemption is released by Bakerteam/Scarlet Records (Tesla, Royal Hunt, Hatesphere, Edu Falaschi). With a new solid line up it redefines Reality Grey’s music coordinates once again and dives deep into modern metal and “Djent” maintaining the “in your face” trademark attitude. Fearsome death growls & clean vocals gives way to razor sharp guitar riffs and fusion-oriented solos.

The success of Define Redemption allows the band to embark in their first headline tour in Japan. “Redemption over Japan 2014” brings new soldiers to the Reality Grey’s army of head bangers in the far East. The band has toured in the past with: Municipal Waste, Unearth, Sick Of It All, Malevolent Creation, Deicide, Hatesphere, Sadist, Destrage.

Reality Grey are producing the new album. In this record the band has pushed his own experimental song writing to the limit, being heavily influenced by Progressive-Fusion and Djent, keeping the brutality and aggression to the max to fit the neck-breaking live shows that the band delivers, because the stage is where Reality Grey belongs. Touring, dedication and sacrifice.

The new 2017 single ‘Daybreakers’ is out now, from the upcoming album Beneath This Crown. Stay frosty.

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