A song to connect us all – Millionaire’s Insomnia @ Espace MR-63 by Naghmeh and the Southern Shores

Naghmeh Shafiei, an iranian-canadian singer songwriter and the front woman of Montreal based band, Naghmeh and the Southern Shores, is releasing an intimate video of Millionaire’s Insomnia, recorded at Espace MR-63

About the video:

This video is a collaboration with Nick Jewell, videographer and editor, and Espace MR-63, and Naghmeh and the Southern Shores. It was recorded on a very special day, as Naghmeh bid farewell to Seth Duin, and officially welcomed Kevin Britten to the band. The project represents the promise to stay connected and thriving through the magic of music. With the new reality we live in, this promise is one we would like to extend to our fans and the music community. Now more than ever, we call upon music to connect us all, across borders and time zones, walls and windows. Time, and memory.

Watch below:

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