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It’s extremely rare for a song to pop into my head the day after only listening to it once. Such was the case with “Tribe,” the first track on AcidTrip Tamo’s latest release NaZaLee. Trip’s ability to craft a hook out of his natural flow is definitely commendable.

The Soundcloud description gives you a pretty good idea of what to expect lyrically. Apparently, this record is meant to channel the Charlotte, NC native’s “higher self.” The songs are meant as “free thoughts of an elevated kind.” These are really fancy ways of saying he enjoys a very specific type of substance. The lyrics are extremely clever if not single-minded.

The guest spots are all on point. Joel Venom’s verse rips apart the middle section of “3rd Eye Woke” in the same way that Hopsin attacks instrumentals. Soul master Abby Davis provides haunting hooks for that track as well as “Karma.” Musically, the majority of the record is extremely laid back. Trip Hop instrumentals and ethereal production ebb and flow in the style of like-minded trip-hop trio Flatbush Zombies. “Liquid Gem” and “Dark Side,” while not exactly heavy, sit comfortably on…well, the dark side.

The only thing that really detracts from the record is Trip’s insistence on repeating his name at the beginning of almost every track. This is a gripe I maintain with the hip-hop community in general. We as listeners don’t need to be reminded who we’re listening to at each available interval (looking at you, DJ Khaled).

This EP represents the final part of a trilogy. If you’re looking for something new from the world of hip-hop but also think that The Dark Side of the Moon is like the greatest record of all time, this may be right up your alley.

Written by Syd Ghan
*edited by Danielle Kenedy

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