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Alex Lynch, strumming and cooing with his soft, acoustic tunes all the way from Yekaterinburg, Russia, recently left his country/folk/acoustic vibes all over social media. You can find him, on Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, FacebookSoundcloud, and his official website.

His nine-track album, Music Hearted, released this year, leaves you with this soothing feeling, of calm, and subtle emotions. With Lynch’s clever blend of instruments and interesting, heart-wrenching lyrics, any acoustic fan would enjoy this album from beginning to end. While the entire album brings you through a journey of emotion, heartfelt song lyrics and melodies, there were a few tracks that personally spoke to me. The first track “Make This Count” does a great job at being up beat, but still succeeding in showing his vocal and lyrical potential, as well as his ability to utilize what seems to be his hallmark, acoustic guitar and harmonica.

Track 3, “Flare”, has more of a heart-wrenching, love song vibe, with touchy lyrics. Guest vocals by Nata Smirina really help this song pop. In my opinion, it was a great idea to bring a female vocalist on this track as having both a male and female vocals emphasizes the lyrics and, as a whole, compliments the music nicely.

Track 4, beautifully titled “World of Fire”, is my personal favorite song on the album. It really showcases Lynch’s songwriting abilities and really brings to light his musical style. All in all, this track grabs hold of you and keeps your attention for its duration. If by the second verse you haven’t already started singing/humming along, you’ll probably be fighting the overwhelming urge to do so. I know I was.

Track 5, “Music”, is what I think is probably the most personal track on the album for Lynch, as he voices his thoughts and feelings in regards to what this album is about, which is, of course, MUSIC! Straight forward musically and lyrically, this song really brings you on a journey allowing the listener to understand how Lynch feels when it comes to the art of music. In a way, this song gave me a greater appreciation for the entire album.

Overall, I believe Alex Lynch, with his songwriting, musical and vocal talents, could and does pose a triple threat in the music industry. Each song on the album caught my ear and, as an acoustic fan, kept me engaged from beginning to end. Music Hearted is a great album to which you can mellow out and relax.

Written by Jessica Valiquette

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