Alex Silas & the Subterraneans – Roots

This was refreshing; I’m big on lyrics and love rhyme so hearing something down-to-earth like this was, well, music to my ears. (Hear it and download it for yourself whilst supporting Canadian indie music here).

Hailing from a small town in New Brunswick with a love of hip hop (in this interview with Alex Silas he says Slim Shady’s LP Brain Damage got him going), you can hear the small town vibe in all the songs, starting with the opening track “This Town”. Coupled with that classic Acadian sound, I felt like I was walking into a warm home.

However, once you start hearing the lyrics, you begin to hear the darker yet funny undertones. At the beginning of “Le Beat” there’s a funny quote that the answer to life is just smoke weed – I appreciate that candor (little did I realize just how candid things were going to get later in this album). I have to say at 00:40 of this track, the tongue-twisted lyrics showed me the man’s got rhyme! Cute title too.

“Take Me Away” really showcases those NB roots; wish I wasn’t sober for this one, haha. With an accordion shining through, it was fun hearing hip hop rhyming blended in, all to end with a sped-up course that I could picture folks stomping the ground, while hugging and spilling their pints everywhere.

Then, shit gets serious with “Alpine” (ft. Shaun Sullivan). This one hit me tough. For one, there’s no beat, just a bar atmosphere and words. I really appreciate them just putting their voice and lines out there, and the content is on alcoholism; hitting a very personal note with me. It almost makes me think of slam poetry, and I think this one would hit anyone. I could write so much on this one, but I only have so many words here; so I’ll just say it caught me off-guard in a memory lane kind of way, mad props on this one guys.

I couldn’t write this review without mentioning “Zombeez” (ft. The Adding Machine); being an avid zombie fan myself. Loved the looming crunk hip hop vibe and fast rhyming. I had the course in my head for a day or two, damn you.  Also a mention to “Lotus, In Bloom”; there’s a random blast beat interlude, albeit slower than some of the metal I’m used to hearing, but a nice random touch there.

The album closes on another candid track called “The Rain”, again demonstrating this cat’s seen some things, and knows how to rhyme about it.

If you dig Buck 65, Cake, old school style rhyming/lyrical content and Acadian music, this is for you. It’s quite a unique album, many sounds and thoughts to be discovered, and well blended. For anyone who says there’s no good music these days and it’s all about gettin’ them hos n’ money, this proves that theory wrong.

Here’s the video for Mouton Noir, digging the beat here, and a man who can rhyme holding a lamb and among sheep wins fucking owns (and he’s not bad to look at either, I will admit sheepishly). Highly recommended Canadian content here folks, I have no other words except fucking eh right.

Written by Angie Radczenko

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