Among the Betrayed – The Need to Make a Change

So I think I lucked out with agreeing to review the new EP by Among The Betrayed.  The band formed in 2012, are originally from Richmond and are now based in Vancouver.  The five-track album, The Need To Make A Change, is coming out at the end of the month on June 27th and I got to check it out early.  It was produced and engineered by Chris Hollywood Holmes, also based in Vancouver.

This album was very much up my alley. Heavy, quick paced and technical, it’s strong from the start. It feels like authentic metal, an unforced release of musical talents. From what I can tell, these guys have been playing together for awhile and it comes across in their music. From track one, “Cold and Jaded,” you can hear the effort that has gone into the production and execution, instrumentally and vocally. The skill and performance remain consistent throughout the second track, “Save Me.” The third track, “Eraser,” is my favourite on the album. It really got me going the first time I heard it and every subsequent time I’ve listened to the album it has had the same effect on me. The title track, “The Need to Make a Change,” is a good example of the bands ability and range. The album ends with the longest track at 5:11, “Leading On Me,” and finishes how it started, on a strong note.

I’m not sure who designed the cover art, but they have done an excellent job of it. A faded skull behind a strong prominent font of the band’s name suits the album well. Overall, I was glad I got to check out the album. I look forward to hearing more from Among the Betrayed in the future.

Written by Joey Beaudin

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