An Interview with Jack Dalrymple of toyGuitar

Summer is just around the corner. Soon, the days will get longer, the skirts will get shorter, and the airwaves will be flooded with the same repetitive summer anthems. Thankfully, Fat Wreck Chords has come to the rescue and released In This Mess, the perfect summer album from the Californian band toyGuitar. So get in your convertible, put on your wayfarers, and turn the volume way up… the new Boys (and girl) of summer have arrived!

toyGuitar was nice enough to take a moment to answer a few questions about their new album, and their participation in the upcoming Fat Wreck for 25 Years Tour.

Tell me about the creation of toyGuitar. How did it start? What was the driving force behind it?

I had some songs I’d written in between the various bands I’d been in that I’d forgotten about. It basically started with Miles and I fleshing them out in the studio and then kinda wanting to play them live. The driving force was, and still is the bond between members. We all love hanging out together.

In This Mess has a very particular sound. It’s unique, sunny, summery, and almost retro. For a band with so many members with a heavy punk background, was that sound something that was hard to achieve? Did you struggle to keep it lighter, or did it come naturally?

I don’t know that there was a conscious effort to try for any of those things. I think it’s just the fender guits and amps really. They’re so clean sounding. I guess we don’t really know what genre it’s just something we like and it comes very naturally.

What do you guys find is the biggest difference between playing for a punk rock crowd and playing for the toyGuitar crowd? Have you even noticed a difference, or is it pretty much the same type of people coming to the shows?

I think the crowds we generally play for are all over the place in their musical tastes. Being on FAT lends us to a certain types of “punk” expectations I feel. I don’t know that we meet them, but it’s totally cool. We also go outta the way to play with other bands not in that circuit that we love. If we were playing like an AgnosticFront/Madball show…they might not like us so much.

Did you set out to create a sound that was very different from what you were used to, or did it just organically happen?

It was organic I guess. It’s literally the equipment. I feel like it’s the same down-strokey song I’ve been playing for days now..just played out of different amps. Also..Miles, that kid rules. His approach and style really make toyGuitar what it is.

You guys are with Fat Wreck Chords, a legendary label that released some of the most iconic punk rock albums of the past two and a half decades. The label is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and is doing so in style. What can you tell us about the Fat Wreck For 25 Years Tour that you will partake in?

I know! So many great releases. It’s gonna be awesome!! We can’t wait! That’s all I can really say..there’s a gag order.

We are biased so we think that the best date of the tour is going to be in Montreal, but what date of the tour are you most looking forward to?


Speaking of tours, if you could make your perfect tour, with any bands you desire, and go wherever you want, where would you go and with whom?

Teengenerate, Viva L’ American Death Ray, Marked Men, Massenger in Japan and Australia! Can you make that happen? Were they suppose to be alive or dead? Ramones or the Clash wherever!

Music festivals can sometimes be really brutal. As veterans of the music scene and summer festivals, do you have any survival tips to share with our readers?

Eat vegetarian and bring wipes.

Since summer is arriving quickly, what are your Top Five favourite songs to listen to in the summer?

This answer would be drastically different depending on which tG member answered this, but since it’s me…

White Wires – Let’s go to the Beach Peach
Kelli Pop – Do the Egroll
Needles//Pins – Drop it
Teenage Head – Top Down
Fucked Up – Queen of Hearts

Is there anything else you would like to share with or say to our readers?

Thanks for the interest and for reading this..also.. being kind is better than being right.

Written and Compiled by Kai Robidas

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