Ana Barajas – Marea Munar EP

Making experimental music is always a tad risky; your audience might be smaller, but the artist is given a medium to express themselves that is unique and comes from the heart. Colombian musician Ana Barajas explores the experimental genre in her latest EP, Marea Munar.

Though the term ‘experimental’ is a broad one, it is hard to describe this album any other way. It opens up with a song in both English and Spanish called “Babel”, which has a tribal drum beat combined with an electro-pop influence. Her voice is soft and soothing, but seems slightly out of place.

“Morfeo Se Duerme” is similar to the first track, except with slightly weaker vocals and a pop beat in the background, reminiscient of a typical action film soundtrack, which could be considered a little cheesy. It also has more of a latin influence and less of a tribal sound, and is sung completely in Spanish.

“Bold Love” stands out from the rest of the album, as it is completely different. It opens up with a static sound which, though being heard through the internet, sounds as if it were being played on an old vinyl record, a sound that is very pleasant indeed. The song is theatrical, providing an eerie musical backdrop, which makes Barajas’ vocals sound operatic. The song is romantic, terrifying, and touching all at once.

“Hilos” goes back to the tribal drum sound that opened up the album. This time, the drums have the exact rhythm of a heart beat. The singing is hypnotic and slightly depressing, but still well-executed. The overall experience of listening to it feels the same as watching a confusing science-fiction film, with its complex layering of sounds. With everything combined, it sounds like a slow and soft chant.

This album is definitely not for everyone. If you don’t like being confused when listening to music, you will absolutely loathe this. However, if you are looking for an album that is completely unique, and if you enjoy trying out different kinds of music, this is for you.

Written by Franca G. Mignacca

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