Aqua with Prozzak – Live at MTelus – September 24th, 2018 – Montreal, QC

Let’s be honest, everyone everywhere loved the 90s. It was a time when nothing ever went wrong, the roads were made of candy, and music came from people who looked exclusively like Japanese cartoons made flesh. So, when I heard I would have the opportunity to relive a tiny portion of this magical era with not just Aqua AND Prozzak (arguably two of the best musical acts to come out of the 90s and if you don’t agree I’ll fight you) stopping in Montreal but also a MUCHMUSIC VIDEO DANCE PARTY, HOLY SHIT ARE YOU SERIOUS?!

So yeah, that was pretty cool. MTelus was also the perfect place to house such an event, and the dance floor was absolutely the rowdiest I’ve seen any crowd there in a very long time as the likes of the Backstreet Boys, Blink 182, B4-4, and Eiffel 65 came at us in full music video glory. Also, the VJ gave out a bunch of free t-shirts and sunglasses, which totally doesn’t happen enough in 2018.


When Prozzak finally took the stage, there was a strange mixed feeling I felt. As awesome as it was to hear the story of Simon and Milo and watch their animations for the first time in, gosh, almost two decades, it did hit me right in the mortality seeing how old Jay Levine and James McCollum have gotten. Also, sidebar, Prozzak has new music out as of last year. They even played a couple of those newer tracks including one called “Love me Tinder” and it’s pretty darned catchy. Also, the female DJ travelling with the duo on this tour is just the bubbliest little thing you’ve ever seen. It was also really heartening to see the sheer number of Prozzak fans who were in the crowd, so when they finished with “Be As” and “Sucks to be You,” there was no one who wasn’t singing along.


More 90s music videos dancing goodness happened, and then Aqua hit the stage. Sidebar again, Aqua also totally have new music out. Like as of this year. Anyway, they came with a full live band which included two female backup singers and a guy playing a pink piano in the centre of the stage. Tiny female vocalist Lene Nystrom danced around in a jersey and fishnet leggings and a really long ponytail dipped pink at the end, and giant bald male vocalist Rene Dif strutted around confidently in a sparkling silver blazer that literally looked like it was made of diamonds. Once again, there were some diehard Aqua fans in the crowd. The type of person who knew the word to every single Aqua song, both past and present. The type of person I didn’t realize even existed until Sunday night. They came out to the tune of “Back From Mars,” and it wasn’t long before they pulled out the one song that every single person on the planet will hear at some point in their life whether they like it or not, “Barbie Girl.”

Never let anyone say that Aqua doesn’t put on an entertaining show. For the better part of an hour and a half, they killed it, at one point devolved into pure house and even whipped out a power ballad, but never once lost the crowd. Both singers took stage dives, and they even called a bunch of people on to the stage with them for a rousing rendition of recent single “Back to the 80s.” For one particular person whose outfit complete with a red beehive wig and shiny silver pants suit that could only be described as pure Aqua worship, it seemed like an absolute dream come true.

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Written by Syd Ghan
Photography by Eric Brisson Photography

*edited by Danielle Kenedy

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