Archi Deep and the Monkey Shakers – #3


Hailing from France, rock n’ roll band, Archi Deep and the Monkey Shakers, released an album on September 9th, loosely titled #3. It features six tracks, including “Nowhere Man,” which a teaser trailer is available for. What I like about this album is that no two songs on it sound alike; they’re all at different tempos, so it never gets stale or boring to listen to, and it keeps your attention the whole way through.

“Nowhere Man” is the first track, and it has a Weezer vibe to it, but with a slight French accent here and there. I’m drawn into the vocals on this track, but I cannot for the life of me pinpoint the reason. It could be the accent, or it could just be the way it sounds.

Following that is “I’m On the Run,” which starts off a lot slower than the previous track with soft, but high pitched vocals. It doesn’t take long for it to pick up the pace into this catchy tune. There’s a groovy guitar solo about halfway through.

“High Minds” is next, and this is their most laid back song, in my opinion. It’s more of an acoustic song, and there’s even some clapping involved to keep the beat going. It may be slow, and definitely set apart from the others, but it’s a pretty fun song once you get into it. Parts of this song, kind of remind me of the song “Ayo Technology” by Milow, so this song really is different from the others on the album.

The fourth track, “I Can See,” is more upbeat and faster and there are times when the song reminds me of the band Jet, especially in the vocals, but even the guitars have a really similar sound to them. One of my favorites off the album is “If Only It Was Sunny,” because it starts off with a really happy, upbeat tune, and tends to slow down and pick up again throughout the song, but it’s never the same. You can hear the French accent in this song, but it really suits the music and fits right in.

All in all, Album #3 by Archi Deep and the Monkey Shakers is an interesting album to say the least, and I would definitely recommend listening to “High Minds” and “If Only It Was Sunny.” I enjoyed all of the songs, but those were the top two. Their music reminds me of 90s rock n’ roll like I mentioned before; bands such as Jet come into mind when I listen to this album, but maybe that’s just me. Looking forward to album #4.

Written by Shannon Fong
*edited by Danielle Kenedy

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