Architects – Live at La Tulipe – September 21st, 2014 – Montreal, Quebec

Architects & Guests - September 21st, 2014 - Montreal, Quebec

A show of hands… Who remembers the days of myspace? For those of you who actually raised your hands, you’re idiots. I can’t actually see you. Now, who remembers the wonders of just surfing from band to band in hopes of finding something exciting? As someone that hated (and still does) social media, this was still some of the most fun I’d ever had. Almost like the sweet smell of a vintage record, discovering a new band has always been like an unpredictable night of sex with a complete stranger, for better or for worse. This was the exact way, some five or six years ago, that I discovered this metalcore band from Brighton, England: Architects. I’m proud to say that this is a band that I’ve watched flourish from that faithful moment of discovery. September 21st at La Tulipe was just the latest installment of that fairytale. Call me a bitch, I fucking dare you.

Red Skies-1
Red Skies

Now what’s a hardcore show without a little local love? We already all know the fury that is Red Skies, so I won’t go nuts telling you what you already know. They are awesome dudes. The only disappointment regarding their set that it was not necessarily their best performance. Though they lacked a little on the sound quality and missed a punch here and there, they were still badass nonetheless.

My Ticket Home-1
My Ticket Home

Remember my fruity little speech about discovering new music? Well, the fairytale continues with Columbus, OH’s My Ticket Home. They are an absolutely raging four-piece with a slight throwback vibe, very reminiscent of alt-metal bands like Chevelle and a heavier/younger Deftones, with a gorgeous hardcore blend. Not a dull moment was had, and this is definitely a band to keep an ear open for.

Being as an Ocean-1
Being As An Ocean

Remember the time I talked about the time that I made that fruity speech about discovering new bands? Well it happened again with Being As An Ocean. Hailing from Alpine, CA, another four-piece, hit the stage. They take a page out of the great big book of post-hardcore. They were ‘toight like a toiger’ with only two little things that completely irked me. First of all, big long drawn out pauses between songs can totally be tasteful, but when you do it between every song, it’ll cause the audience to focus their attention elsewhere. Second of all, quite literally EVERY TIME a clean singing part would occur, the guitarist would stop playing, stick a finger in his ear, belt out his chorus/verse, and would not proceed in playing his instrument until the vocal portion was finished. Other than that, they had an absolutely phenominal set.

Stray From The Path-7
Stray From The Path

And now, a band I’ve already reviewed before – Long Island, NY’s Stray From The Path. Again, you already know what I think about Stray. This time around, however, I was a bit disappointed. This being the last date of the tour, it could possibly be excused, but the bottom line is that the set wasn’t tight. As a matter of fact, it was sadly a bit exhausted. Again, it is understandable. With the exception of a guest appearence from Jesse of Stick To Your Guns, however, the set was entirely routine for the boys of SFTP.


End of the line… Architects hit the stage like it owed them money, flying in with “Gravedigger” and relentlessly pounding the crowd, tune after tune, all the way down the list to “Early Grave”. Their sound was flawless (which is more than I can say for past perfomances) and, even though this was the last date before a six week vacation for the band, they played as if the tour had only just begun. I find myself remembering my actual disappointment from the very first time I saw them, and every performance they have put on in this city since, all culminating to this point, in which I am left with only one thing left to say; holy shit.

Now, quite obviously, I had a hell of a time. Not just because of my amazing opportunity to interview the band itself, or catch all these new acts that I haven’t stopped listening to since, but because going to concerts is my obsession. It’s been my addiction since the first time my older brother stuck a beer in my hand and, with his friends, said, “We’re gonna have a good time tonight”. That being said, I need to make a statement regarding the ideology behind being in a crowd at a show these days after my experience at this evening’s show; Someone hits you? Sure, hit ’em back. Someone’s blocking your view? Sure, be an adult and politely ask them to move a bit. Someone is walking by you? For fuck sakes, move. We share this room together for the sole reason of losing ourselves in the ocean that we are all part of. You, as any one person, do not own rights to your spot or your show rituals. Your rights end where mine begin and we’re all here together. You’ll do us all the courtesy of remembering that. If you want this to be a dog eat dog night, you will find yourselves very disappointed.  NOW, EVERYBODY LOVE EVERYBODY, DAMNIT!

Here is the interview with Dan Searle, and Alex Dean of Architects I  had done before the set:

Written by Jason Greenberg
Photography by Eric Brisson  Eric Brisson Photography
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