Asap Ferg with Marty Baller, Playboi Carti, and Rob Stone – Live at Metropolis – November 30th, 2016 – Montreal, QC

On the eve of the holiday season, it was Asap Ferg’s mission to hand out cheer at Metropolis (which will soon be renamed MTelus) in Montreal. He also brought Marty Baller, Playboi Carti and Rob Stone along on the Turnt and Burnt Tour. I was down for some cheer, so I made way to the venue to see what this tour was all about. Having previously seen ASAP Ferg during Full Flex Express Tour, I knew I was in for a good time, but who were the other MC’s on the bill?

Marty Baller

I was running late, so I didn’t catch Harlem rapper Marty Baller‘s set, but I heard it was very energetic and that he did a stand-up job. I was a bit disappointed that I missed this dude. Funny story: later on, my new friend Ed pointed him out to me in the crowd. As he went to say hi, I was like, “I know that face, I’ve seen him perform before.” Sure enough, he was on the Full Flex Tour warming up for ASAP Ferg’s set. The dude can rap and does have a great energy about him, so check him out.

Rob Stone

Rob Stone from San Diego, California was the next MC to hit the Metropolis stage. This dude has got a nice slow-and-sweet flow. He’s a big fan of mosh pits, and he had them get a circle pit and a lame attempt at a wall of death going, but man, it was still cool seeing a bunch of kids go nuts! He even did a couple of stage dives, which made me feel like I was in my element! Unfortunately, the last time he did a dive he hurt his wrist, but he powered through it and performed his one massive hit “Chill Bill” to many cheers and cell phone cameras.

Playboi Carti

Before Atlanta’s Playboi Carti took the stage, I noticed how old I really am I as I felt like I was back in middle school and the kids were running around like it was recess. It was nuts; they were running for positions near the stage, running to go to the bar (were they old enough?), and just generally running everywhere. Good thing most of them were wearing Adidas track suits. I was exhausted just watching them and sweating cause it was hot in the room. Then Playboi Carti came out. It must have been cold as fuck on stage because this dude came out in a parka and sun glasses! From the first beat, this kid nailed it. The theme of the night continued as he got the mosh pit going as well, and finally when he lost the jacket he took to stage diving! I liked his flow. Along with a dancer they managed to get the crown nice and warm. A song that stood out for me was “Plug” from a Rich The Kid album that Carti is featured on. I can’t wait for this dude to release a proper; album a mix tape called Cash Carti is in the works. The sky is the limit for this young MC!

Asap Ferg

Finally, it was time for Asap Ferg to come out and play some songs from his new album Always Strive and Prosper. The lights went down and three huge LED screens displayed a video of a Terminator-like robots. Fans took out their phones, and it was quite the visual with “Let It Go” as the opener (unfortunately, not the Frozen version). Ferg came out like a burning flame, hot as fuck, and he just kept the energy going with songs like “Psycho,” “Dump Dump,” and “Fuck Out My Face.” One thing is for sure: his songs may not have the best lyrics, but they are damn catchy! Just make sure no one is around when you sing the lyrics of “Dump Dump” so no peeps get offended. I enjoyed the tribute he did to the late ASAP Yams, a founding member of ASAP Mob. Following this tribute, Ferg said it was time to get crunk, so he brought out Marty Baller and they performed “Uzi Gang” and got the crowd involved. The highlight of the night required eight gold rings, two bad bitches, and one gold tooth: “Shabba” was so good. He ended his short 50-minute set with “New Level” and “Yamborghini High.”

Overall, it was a decent night of hip hop, with some artists to keep an eye out for. But the night wasn’t over; as we left the venue we were treated to a good old brawl between twelve-year-olds! Punches were thrown and chains were broken during this WorldStar moment. Luckily, nobody seemed hurt except for maybe a few egos.

Written by Eric Brisson
Photography by Danny Donovan
*edited by Kate Erickson
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