Modular Slop - Paul De Rita

Modular Slop – Paul De Rita

December 6, 2018 Ben Cornel 0

8/10 Modular Slop by Paul De Rita sounds exactly like what the name evokes. It’s a short smear of sporadic and instrumental psychedelic rock music. Clocking in at around fifteen minutes, De Rita’s trip is […]


Dr.Doak – It’s Time to Leave

November 20, 2018 Ben Cornel 0

5/10 The classic glass half empty, or glass half full; you’re going to have to tell me on Dr Doak’s release, It’s Time To Leave. It’s an ambiguous mix of pop punk, grunge, and rock; and […]

Colin Weeks - Magic

Colin Weeks – Magic EP

October 25, 2018 Ben Cornel 0

10/10 Need a dirt-cheap vacation to somewhere warm and sandy and not soul-sucking? Plug in to Colin Week’s little gem of an EP, Magic. This four-song, pop-soul release is as smooth as a baby’s bottom and […]

Necromishka-The Space Between Us

Necromishka – The Space Between Us

October 17, 2018 Ben Cornel 0

10/10 There is something about Necromishka’s latest release, The Space Between Us, that is inescapable. The dark and ambient album is delivered very much like a soundtrack. It is vast, vague, and somehow seeps behind […]