Tiger Uppercut – Rawk EP

January 10, 2015 Brian Charles Clarke 0

8/10 Tiger Uppercut‘s Rawk EP walks the fine line between punk rock and metal, incorporating seemingly unrelated and outdated styles along the way. Its first track, “Beat Up Truck”, opens with a funky bass line […]


The Hurriers – Truth and Justice EP

December 3, 2014 Brian Charles Clarke 0

The Hurriers‘ three song EP, Truth and Justice, combines the aggressive political ideologies of early British punk bands like The Clash with the pop sensibilities of contemporary bands like Kaiser Chiefs. Unlike most modern punk bands whose […]


The Smile Case – Angel Beach

November 25, 2014 Brian Charles Clarke 1

If Tom Waits decided to front an alt-rock band, they’d probably sound like The Smile Case. Their mix of grungy guitars, catchy pop melodies and lead singer Ben Andress’ unconventionally gruff voice takes time to […]