Sarah Segal-Lazar – Two if by Sea

October 15, 2015 D. Niko Holmes 0

10/10 Sarah Segal-Lazar sings beautifully, ushering in the autumn with mellifluous musical poetry, “searching for answers of belonging, both in the world and in oneself.” Two if by Sea is a glimpse of the sky through […]


Agatha LaFaye – Jupiter’s Mantrap

September 6, 2015 D. Niko Holmes 0

8/10 Jupiter’s Mantrap, the debut album of Agatha LaFaye, is both self-released and strikingly self-aware. The first thing I thought when I saw this album was, “Cool artwork.” The second thing I thought was, “WTF […]


Pluum – Pluum EP

August 22, 2015 D. Niko Holmes 0

7.8/10 The grungy self-titled EP from Montreal post-hardcore band, Pluum, keeps it short and sweet. Three tracks boast brevity through the form of guitar-driven emotive rock with punk processing and throaty vocals. “You’re Waving at […]


An Interview With Mike Nagoda

July 24, 2015 D. Niko Holmes 0

Toronto-based musician Mike Nagoda released his debut album in 2014. Titled Parliament, the concept album explores a post-apocalyptic Canadian landscape with a melange in which blues, jazz, folk and metal elements combine with the unique […]